ACDSee Photo Studio

ACDSee Photo Studio 6.0.1484 (TNT)

应用大小:28 MB
系统要求:macOS 10.12 或更高

ACDSee Photo Studio 简介:

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac是处理图形图像的最佳解决方案之一。Photo Studio for Mac提供高质量的照片处理,优化工作流程的各个方面,节省时间,精力和用户财务。该程序的界面允许进行方便的调整。它GraphicConverter专注于在Mac OS上管理,查Photo Mechanic看和处理照片的关键阶段,简化了文件夹和文件之Photo Mechanic间的导航过程,便于选择必要的图像,有助于管GraphicConverter理元数据和处理RAW。

ACDSee Photo Studio支持超过100种图形文件格式,允许对文件进行批量处理,轻松为图像添加元标签。正如已经提到的那样,这套程序工具的功能非常丰富。

您可以调整颜色通道,修复由于光学错误而出现的照片假象,甚至可以添加“水印”。在ACDSee Photo Studio程序中,有两种创建幻灯片的工具,不要混淆。

第一个是幻灯片→幻灯片。此工具用于直接从程序ACDSee Photo Studio在显示器上显示照片。

另一个,创建→幻灯片文件…是需要导出到一个文件,可以邮寄,发布在博客中,或运行在另一台没有安装程序ACDSee Photo Studio的计算机上。

ACDSee Photo Studio可以创建带有数据的CD和DVD-ROM以及Video-CD。

ACDSee Photo Studio允许您在三张照片上发布照片:Flickr,SmugMug和Zenfolio。用户可以在发布时更改照片的大小,可以手动和从EXIF数据添加关键字,也可以选择现有的文件夹进行图像放置。




one of the best solutions for working with graphic images in a Mac environment. High-quality photo processing, optimization of all aspects of the workflow, saving time, effort and user finance are provided by Photo Studio for Mac.

The interface of the program allows to carry out convenient adjustment. Its focus on key stages of managing, viewing and processing photos in Mac OS simplifies the process of navigating among folders and files, facilitates the selection of necessary images, helps in managing metadata and in working with RAW.

ACDSee Photo Studio supports more than 100 graphic file formats, allows batch processing of files, easily add meta tags to images. As it was already mentioned, the set of program tools is rich in its functionality.

You can adjust the color channels, fix artifacts of photos that appear due to optics errors, and you can even add “watermarks”. In the program ACDSee Photo Studio there are two tools for creating slideshows, they should not be confused.

The first one is Slideshow → Slideshow. This tool is used to display photos on the monitor directly from the program ACDSee Photo Studio.

Another, Create → Slideshow file … is needed to export to a file that can be mailed, published in a blog, or run on another computer that does not have the installed program ACDSee Photo Studio.

ACDSee Photo Studio can create CD and DVD-ROM with data, as well as Video-CD.

ACDSee Photo Studio allows you to publish photos on three photohostings: Flickr, SmugMug and Zenfolio. Users can change the size of the photo at the time of publication, it is possible to add keywords, both manually and from EXIF ​​data, as well as selecting existing folders for image placement.

Also ACDSee works with RAW format without degrading the quality of the photo. You can not be afraid of damage to the original image.



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