Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects 2020 (TNT)

应用大小:2.28 GB
系统要求:macOS 10.12 或更高

Adobe After Effects 简介:

Adobe After Effects for Mac是当今最顶级的一款图形视频处理软件之一,主要归功于其广泛的功能列表和能力,一旦您习惯了大量功能强大的工具和功能之后,可以极大地改善您的工作流程。使您可以轻松地为视频添加各种效果,还Movavi Video Editor Plus可以通Red Giant Shooter Suite过专门Red Giant Shooter Suite为此任Movavi Video Editor Plus务设计的大量工具创建自己的视觉效果。


Adobe After Effects可以为视频添加各种各样的效果,因为它附带了许多工具,可帮助您创建自己的创意视觉效果(例如3D相机跟踪器,扭曲稳定器,边缘细化器和像素运动模糊),你不会觉得需要更多的预设。

Adobe After Effects实用程序还附带了Creative Cloud集成功能,可让您保持工作区的设置在各种计算机之间保持同步。

此外,After Effects还有一个内置的项目共享网络Behance,可让您毫不费力地分享设计和项目的工作进度,以便您可以从全球范围内的同事和各种专业人士网络获得即时反馈。

更重要的是,Adobe After Effects还可以添加使用CINEMA 4D设计的自定义3D场景和对象,而无需在两者之间进行多遍渲染。

另外,After Effects功能支持多维度,可以帮助您在2D,2.5D和挤压3D空间之间流畅切换,以获得定制当前工作对象的最佳角度。


总而言之,After Effects合成平台设法将专业人士需要的所有工具整合在一起,轻松创建令人叹为观止的惊险多媒体产品,同时利用Adobe的Creative Cloud协作和共享功能。



Makes it simple to add a large variety of effects to your videos and also enables you to create your own visual effects via its vast amount of tools designed specifically for this task

Multimedia composition utilities are a breed of applications commonly designed to be used by professionals, to create compelling products combining all sorts of media and content as effortless and intuitively as possible.

Adobe’s After Effects is one of the top such solution nowadays, owing chiefly to its extensive list of features and ability to greatly improve your workflow once you get used to its extensive collection of powerful tools and features.

Adobe After Effects makes it simple to add a large variety of effects to videos and, because it comes bundled with numerous tools to help you create you own creative visual effects (e.g. 3D camera tracker, warp stabilizer, edge refiner and pixel motion blur), you won’t feel the need for more pre-sets.

The Adobe After Effects utility also comes with Creative Cloud integration that enables you to keep your workspace’s settings synchronized across various machines.

Furthermore, After Effects also has a built-in project sharing network, Behance, which allows you to effortlessly share work in progress shots of your designs and projects so that you can get instant feedback from your network of colleagues and various professionals around the world.

What’s more, Adobe After Effects also makes it possible to add custom 3D scenes and objects designed using CINEMA 4D without having to go through multi-pass rendering in-between.

In addition, After Effects features support for multiple dimensions that helps you to fluidly switch between 2D, 2.5D, and extruded 3D spaces, in order to get the best angle for customizing the object your currently working on.

Besides, once you get the hang of it, you can even mix together 2D and 3D content within the same composition, to make the end result even more startling and eye-catching.

All in all, the After Effects composition platform manages to bring together all the tools a professional needs to create breathtaking and thrilling multimedia products with ease, while also taking advantage of Adobe’s Creative Cloud collaboration and sharing features.



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