Adobe Dimension

Adobe Dimension 2020 3.0 (TNT)

当前版本:2020 3.0
应用大小:1.84 GB
系统要求:macOS 10.12 或更高

Adobe Dimension 简介:

Adobe Dimension for Mac是一款简单易用且功能全面的多平台图形设计解决方案,可帮助您使用Mac创建逼真的3D图像,可帮助您加速从零开始设计3D照片级逼真包装和产品艺术的过程,例如模型,广告镜头,徽标和品牌,即使您之SimLab Composer前很少或没有以前类似的方案。

借助Adobe Dimension设计软件解决方案,您可以使用基于NVidia的MDL(材料设计语言)的Adobe标准材料中描述的材料创建逼真的3D对象。


您在Adobe Dimension中创建的所有模型都使用3D照明,这些3D照明紧密地遵循逼真的照明,以获得更逼真的外观。对于需要更多关于照明的信息的用户,您可以快速浏览维度CC中的照明帮助页面。

在您的Mac上安装并启动后,Adobe Dimension可以通过将新对象从主窗口左侧的“资源”面板上拖放到工作区中,从而创建新的3D设计。





如果您想在使用Adobe Dimension使用Mac创建3D照片真实感物体时提高工作效率,则可以使用默认键盘快捷键帮助页面上提供的大量键盘快捷键列表。


总体而言,如果您没有足够的经验来使用更复杂的3D设计应用程序,那么如果您需要使用Mac创建3D模型和品牌,软件包或产品演示文稿,那么Adobe Dimension很可能是最佳途径。

Adobe Dimension 1


Simple to use and full-featured multi-platform graphic design solution which can help you create photorealistic 3D imagery using your Mac

Adobe Dimension is a powerful and user-friendly utility created to help you speed up the process of designing 3D photorealistic package and product art from scratch, such as mockups, advertising shots, logos, and branding, even if you have little to no previous with similar solutions.

With the help of the Adobe Dimension design software solution, you can create lifelike looking 3D objects using materials described in Adobe Standard Material based on NVidia’s MDL (Material Design Language).

Design 3D models with realistic lighting

All models you create in Adobe Dimension use 3D lighting which closely follows realistic lighting for a more life-like look. For people who need more information regarding the lighting, you can get a quick overview on the Lighting in Dimension CC help page.

Once installed and launched on your Mac, Adobe Dimension makes it possible to create a new 3D design by adding new objects to the model by drag and dropping them on the workspace from the Assets panel on the left side of the main window.

This panel also enables you to add background images to your design, as well as textures, backdrops, and materials, with all o them easily being matched to the entire scene with a click of a button.

Simple to access suite of tools for drag and drop 3D design

On the left side of the main screen, you can also access the app’s toolbox which allows you to toggle various tools to manage the currently selected object in the scene.

Furthermore, the right-side inspector panel provides with contextual-based scene, actions, and properties controls to quickly tweak your design with just a couple of mouse clicks.

If you want to increase your productivity while using Adobe Dimension to create 3D photorealistic objects using your Mac, you can make use of the extensive list of keyboard shortcuts available on the Default keyboard shortcuts help page.

Powerful yet easy to use 3D mockup design for the Mac

Overall, if you don’t have enough experience to use more complex 3D design applications, Adobe Dimension is most probably the best way to go if you need to create 3D mockups and presentations of branding, packages, or products using your Mac.



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