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Adobe Photoshop 2020 (TNT)

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系统要求:macOS 10.13 或更高

Adobe Photoshop 简介:

Adobe Photoshop for Mac是一款功能强大且全面的图像编辑软件解决方案,附带大量图像处理工具,旨在帮助您毫不费力地润饰照片并以出色的精度润饰照片。

每个人都有自己喜欢的图形编辑器,但很少有应用程序已达到Adobe的照片处理软件的流行程度:Photoshop。 Adobe Photoshop已经制定了很长时间的标准,许多人只是简单地放弃了“图像编辑”的表达方式,转而使用更实际的“photoshopping”术语。

所有Adobe产品都需要安装Adobe Creative Cloud应用程序,Photoshop也不例外:整个过程通过Creative Cloud状态栏面板进行管理(需要Adobe帐户,您可以免费注册一个,在此处) 。

针对专业人士,Adobe Photoshop附带大量图像处理工具,旨在帮助您精确润饰照片。时尚和有组织的界面提供了对基本编辑工具的快速访问,例如“画笔工具”,“橡皮擦工具”,“渐变工具”,“水平工具”等等。

Adobe Photoshop的主窗口由编辑画布控制。只要选择了新工具,可用的自定义选项将显示在顶部工具栏区域中,而在右侧则可以访问颜色自定义面板并管理项目图层。

即使没有经验的图形编辑器,Adobe Photoshop也可以直接使用,但您需要测试和研究每个功能以充分发挥其潜力:网上提供的大量Adobe Photoshop教程可作为见证。

一些最流行的Adobe Photoshop功能是它的过滤画廊,它允许您在按下按钮时快速给您的照片带来不同的效果。其他有用的功能包括相机抖动减轻功能,可以保存相机运动破坏的照片,删除,重新定位或缩放图像对象的可能性,条件操作工具可帮助您将处理图像放在自动驾驶仪上等等。

此外,Adobe Photoshop可以创建3D效果,允许您绘制3D图像并附带3D场景面板。另外,Photoshop提供了用于创建和编辑视频的基本工具。

无论何时您需要处理或操作图像并创建高质量的内容,Adobe Photoshop都将被证明非常有用。由于其丰富的工具和功能集合,用户可以对最终结果进行广泛控制,从而获得真正令人惊叹的结果。



Powerful and comprehensive image editing software solution that comes with a large collection of image manipulation tools designed to help you retouch photos effortlessly and with remarkable precision

Everyone has its own favorite graphic editor but very few applications have reached the popularity level of Adobe’s photo processing software: Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has been setting up the standards for so long that many simply drop the “image editing” expression in favor of the more actual “photoshopping” term.

All Adobe products require the Adobe Creative Cloud application to be installed, and Photoshop is no different: the entire process is managed via the Creative Cloud status bar panel (an Adobe account is required and you can register for one, free of charge, HERE).

Aimed at professionals, Adobe Photoshop comes with a large collection of image manipulation tools designed to help you retouch photos with precision. The stylish and organized interface provides quick access to basic editing tools, such as the “Brush Tool”, the “Eraser Tool”, the “Gradient Tool”, the “Horizontal Type Tool” and much more.

Adobe Photoshop’s main window is dominated by the editing canvas. Whenever a new tool is selected, the available customization options are displayed on the top toolbar area, while on the right you can access the color customization panels and manage the project layers.

Adobe Photoshop can be used right out of the box, even by inexperienced graphic editors, but you need to test and study each feature to learn its full potential: the massive amount of Adobe Photoshop tutorials available online stand as testimony.

Some of the most popular Adobe Photoshop function is its filters gallery, which allows you to quickly give different effects to your photos at the press of a button. Other useful features include the Camera Shake Reduction that can save shots destroyed by camera motion, the possibility to remove, reposition or scale image objects, the Conditional Actions tool that helps you put processing images on autopilot and more.

Furthermore, Adobe Photoshop can create 3D effects, allows you to paint 3D images and comes with a 3D scene panel. Additionally, Photoshop provides basic tools for creating and editing videos.

Adobe Photoshop will prove to be extremely useful whenever you need to process or manipulate images and create high quality content. Thanks to its extensive collection of tools and features, the user gains extensive control over the final result, which can lead to truly amazing results.



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