Adobe Prelude

Adobe Prelude 2020 9.0 (TNT)

当前版本:2020 9.0
应用大小:752.1 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.11 或更高

Adobe Prelude 简介:

Adobe Prelude for Mac是一款功能强大且易用的视频编辑软件,旨在帮助您通过有条理的环境组织您的素材并向媒体添加元数据内容。可帮助您使用专门用于日志记录和视频摄取工作流程的工具更快地组织和工作。最好的部分是Adobe Prelude与Adobe Premiere Pro无缝集成,因此您可以粗略地组织项目,然后将程序集转换为Premiere Pro以便能够完成制作过程。


Adobe Prelude是Adobe Creative Cloud套件的一部分,因此您必须先安装Adobe Application Manager并登录到您的Adobe帐户。由于所有Adobe产品均使用此应用程序管理器进行下载和部署,因此您只能执行一次该操作。

值得注意的是,Adobe Prelude保留了大多数Adobe应用程序所包含的有组织设计,因此您将能够在不费太多努力的情况下找到围绕实用程序的方式。

Adobe Prelude为您的项目创建一个可视时间线,通过使用拖放操作为编辑项目内容提供支持,并通过其主窗口提供对大多数功能的访问。


Adobe Prelude实用程序包含简单而高效的工具,可用于同时组织,准备和处理多个媒体文件,剪辑,子剪辑或粗略剪辑。另外,您可以添加自己的评论或导入DSLR相机提供的元数据。

为了帮助您执行所有这些操作,Adobe Prelude包括标签面板和模板,排序工具,媒体传输功能,广泛的导出功能等。

此外,Adobe Prelude应用程序与Adobe Premier Pro集成,并使您可以使用脚本编辑内容。

Adobe Prelude 1


Application that helps you get organized and work faster using tools designed specifically for logging and video ingest workflows

a powerful yet easy to use software solution designed to help you organize your footage and add metadata content to your media via an organized and streamlined environment.

The best part is that Adobe Prelude integrates seamlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro, so you will be able to roughly organize your projects, and then translate the assembly to Premiere Pro to be able to complete the production process.

Effortless to install software solution designed to help you organize your media projects in no time

Adobe Prelude is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite so you must start by installing the Adobe Application Manager and logging to your Adobe account. Since all Adobe products are downloaded and deployed by using this applications manager, you must perform the action only once.

Noteworthy is that Adobe Prelude retains the organized design sported by most Adobe applications, so you will be able to find your way around the utility without too much effort.

Adobe Prelude creates a visual timeline for your project, provides support for editing the project’s content by using drag and drop actions, and offers access to most functions via its main window.

Powerful tool featuring a streamlined workflow for organizing media projects

The Adobe Prelude utility comes packed with simple yet highly efficient tools that can be used to organize, prepare, and process multiple media files, clips, subclips, or rough cuts at the same time. In addition, you have the possibility to add your own comments or import the metadata provided by your DSLR camera.

To help you perform all these actions, includes tag panels and templates, sorting tools, media transfer capabilities, extensive export functions, and so on.

Moreover, the Adobe Prelude app integrates with Adobe Premier Pro and gives you the possibility to edit the content by using a script.



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