Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 14 (TNT)

当前版本:2020 14
应用大小:1.96 GB
系统要求:macOS 10.13 或更高

Adobe Premiere Pro 简介:

Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac是一款功能强大的基于时间轴的视频操作工具,具有许多用于制作高端视频的不同功能。作为Adobe Creative Suite的一部分,Premiere Pro是Adobe的专业级视频编DVDFab All-In-one辑旗舰产品。该应用程序旨在用于Red Giant Shooter Suite视频后DVDFab All-In-one期制作过程。使用您的原始视频,您可以通过无ProPresenter数过滤器和视频编辑工具创建具有专业视角的剪辑。

Adobe Premiere Pro的一些最重要的方面是简化的编辑功能,项目和媒体管理,世界级效果,广泛格式支持或元数据工作流程。

Adobe Premiere Pro(CC)的更新版本包括Lumetri深色引擎,更精确的音频控制,更好的和重新设计的时间线等等。

在使用Adobe Premiere Pro时,时间线是您工作流程中的关键组件。使用时间线,您可以通过拖动项目面板或源监视器中的项目来创建一系列事件和剪辑。

您还可以使用时间线在视频或音频中生成多个图层,缩短或延长剪辑,调整编辑点,添加特殊效果,转场和其他参数。此外,该应用程序还可以与Adobe Creative Suite中的其他工具配合使用,并支持从Photoshop或After Effects播放文件。

使用Premiere Pro的另一个重要方面是您可以在播放(实时)时调整效果,编辑和修剪视频。该实用程序也是Creative Cloud的一部分,这意味着您的工作可以保存到云中,并可以在您使用的其他平台上无缝访问。

简而言之,Adobe Premiere Pro是行业领先的视频编辑解决方案,通过使用简化的视频后处理工具包,您可以实现自己的目标。

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A sophisticated and timeline based video manipulation tool that comes with many different features for producing high-end videos

Being part of the Adobe Creative Suite, Premiere Pro is the Adobe’s flagship product for video editing on a professional level.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a sophisticated timeline based video manipulation tool that comes with many different features for producing high-end videos.

The application is intended to be used in the video post-production processes. Using your raw videos, you can create professionally looking clips through a myriad of filters and video editing tools.

Some of the most important aspects of Adobe Premiere Pro are the streamlined editing features, the project and media management, world-class effects, broad format support, or metadata workflow.

The later versions of Adobe Premiere Pro (CC) include the Lumetri deep color engine, more precise audio control, a better and redesigned timeline, and much more.

When working with Adobe Premiere Pro, the timeline is a key component in your workflow.

Using the timeline, you can create a sequence of events and clips by dragging items from the project panel or the source monitor.

You can also use the timeline to produce multiple layers in your video or audio, make clips shorter or longer, adjust edit points, add special effects, transitions and other parameters.

In addition, the application works hand in hand with other tools from the Adobe Creative Suite and adds support for playing files from Photoshop or After Effects.

Another great aspect of working with Premiere Pro is that you can adjust effects, edit and trim videos while they’re playing (in real time).

The utility is also part of the Creative Cloud, meaning that your work can be saved to the cloud and accessed seamlessly on other platforms you use.

In a nutshell, Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-leading video editing solution that allows you to achieve your goals by using a streamlined video post-processing toolkit.



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