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系统要求:macOS 10.12 或更高

Adobe XD 简介:

Adobe XD CC for Mac(Adobe Experience Design CC)是一款基于矢量化图形设计及简单原形制作为一体的设计软件。在一个组织良好的环境中设计,测试和创建网站和移动应用程序,旨在简化整个流程。旨在为尝OmniGraffle Pro试改进用户与其产品交互方式的UX设计人员提Adobe InCopy供全面支持。该应用程序允许您开发网站和移动应用程序,Substance Alchemist并帮助您测试结果并生成原TurboCollage型。


即使如此,Adobe XD CC也会让您决定是否要为iPhone,iPad或网站开发项目。另外,您可以选择自定义尺寸板。但是,在设计师区域内,您可以添加各种尺寸的画板。

Adobe XD CC用户界面分为两个主要选项卡:一个用于处理项目的设计方面,另一个用于帮助您配置关联的原型。

Adobe XD CC允许您在单独的窗口中测试结果,并且您可以与活动交互并记录活动,并与您的客户或其他团队成员共享捕获。


在Adobe XD CC画布区域中,您可以借助基本矢量绘图工具添加新元素,以任何您喜欢的方式将其组合起来,使用简单的拖放操作导入图像,创建线框等等。


值得一提的是,由于Adobe XD CC项目仍处于重大的发展阶段,人们所期望的某些编辑功能尚未包括在内,但与应用程序一起使用非常直观。

通过Adobe Creative Cloud共享您的项目原型

Adobe XD CC允许您将项目的设计导出为PNG图像文件,或者您可以将与原型的交互记录到MOV视频文件中。

不过,您也可以使用Creative Cloud帐户直接与您的团队共享原型。只需使用Share命令来生成公共URL并在Web浏览器中预览原型。

Adobe XD 1


Design, test, and prototype both websites and mobile applications in a well organized environment that aims to streamline the entire process

Adobe XD CC (formerly known as Adobe Experience Design CC) aims to provide full support to UX designers that are trying to improve the way in which users interact with their product. The app allows you to develop both websites and mobile apps and helps you test the outcome and generate prototypes.

UX design tool that can help you develop projects for specific devices

Right off the bat, Adobe XD CC makes you decide if you want to develop projects for iPhone, iPad or web. In addition, you can opt for custom size boards. However, within the designer area, you can add artboards of various sizes.

The user interface is separated in two main tabs: one that allows you to deal with the design aspect of your project, and the other to help you configure the associated prototype.

permits you to test the outcome in a separate window, and you get to both interact with and record the activity and share the capture with your client or other team members.

Manage your design projects with intuitive drag and drop movements

Within the Adobe XD CC canvas area, you get to add new elements with the help of basic vector drawing tools, combine them any way you like, import images with simple drag and drop actions, create wireframes, and so on.

The same rules apply when adding interactions and animations to your project in the prototype area. Just establish connections between your artboards using the mouse, and employ the contextual menu to manage the animations.

Worth mentioning is that, since the Adobe XD CC project is still under heavy development, some of the editing functions one would expect are not yet included, but working with the application is quite intuitive.

Share your project’s prototype via the Adobe Creative Cloud

allows you to export your project’s design to a PNG image file, or you can record your interaction with the prototype to an MOV video file.

Nevertheless, you can also use your Creative Cloud account to share the prototypes directly with your team. Just use the Share command to generate a public URL and preview the prototype in a web browser.



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