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Allegorithmic Substance Painter 简介:

Allegorithmic Substance Painter for Mac是一款全新的3D纹理材质绘画制作软件,借助其先进的微粒刷子,您可以轻松地为您的3D游戏模型提供非常逼真的纹理,效果和外观,考虑到当今游戏行业所达到的水平,毫Metasequoia无疑问,创建和抛光3D模型的广泛软件解决方案的需求Cheetah3D正在稳步增长。


一种这样的软件解决方案是Substance Painter,这是一个功能强大且功能全面的3D绘画应用程序,旨在为您提供一套广泛的工具,用于为您的3D模型创建精美逼真的纹理。



一个非常好的消息是,Substance Painter可以让你创建全面的地图,这些地图可以在使用物理着色引擎的游戏中实现。另外一个优点是,您可以在基于物理视口(PBR)的帮助下准确查看您的工作。

持续一些更令人讨厌的东西,Substance Painter为Yebis 2提供全面整合,Yebis 2是世界上最好的后处理软件之一,它将通过添加抗锯齿,颜色校正,深度为您的游戏3D模型提供现代和清晰的光学效果场,眩光和绽放,仅举几例。


看起来,在3D渲染方面,Substance Painter的覆盖效果非常好,但该应用程序的最佳部分是它的一套画笔,并且特别关注了粒子画笔。


但要记住一个方面,在目前的开发阶段,Substance Painter并不是你所说的平稳运行,只有一小部分接口故障需要一些注意力来保持一切都在检查中。


作为一个判断,Substance Painter是一个强大的纹理应用程序,它在效果方面有很多优势,它支持最新的控制台和游戏,这要归功于其基于物理着色器的引擎,而不是最好的,相当直观的界面,当然,游戏中改变粒子画笔。

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It makes it easy for you to give your 3D gaming models very realistic textures, effects and appearances, with the help of its advanced particle brushes

Considering the level reached by the gaming industry today, there is no doubt that the  need for extensive software solutions for creating and polishing 3D models is steadily rising.

Artist-friendly and powerful 3D painter

One such software solution is Allegorithmic Substance Painter, a powerful and full featured 3D painting application that aims to provide you with an extensive set of tools for creating exquisite and realistic textures for your 3D models.

Upon first starting the app, you are greeted by a black themed user interface that follows the same visual layout as many other products of this kind, with a collection of almost too small buttons and a  multitude of panels well organized around the work-space, making everything easily reachable all the time.

Bundles the latest texturing technologies that should keep both game developers and artists alike happy

A very good piece of news is the fact that Substance Painter enables you to create comprehensive maps that can be implemented in games that use the Physical Based Shaders engine. Another plus is the fact that you have the possibility to accurately review your work with the help of a physically based viewport (PBR).

Continuing with some more geeky stuff, Substance Painter comes with full integration for Yebis 2, one of the world’s best post processing software, fact that will provide your gaming 3D models with modern and crisp optical effects by adding anti-aliasing, color correction, depth of field, glare, and bloom, just to name a few.

Comprehensive software solution for 3D painting

It seems that when it comes to 3D rendering, Allegorithmic Substance Painter has it covered pretty well, but the the app’s best part is by far its set of brushes, with a special attention towards the particle brushes.

With the help of these powerful particle brushes, you can add realistic and customizable effects to your objects in such a detailed matter, that your imagination and level of skill could very well be the only limit.

One aspect to keep in mind though, in its current development stage, Substance Painter isn’t what you would call smooth running, with a small collection of interface glitches that require some attention in order to keep everything in check.

Still a young project, but, after a time, it might just become the industry’s standard

As a verdict, Substance Painter is a powerful texturing application that has a lot going for it in terms of effects, support for the newest consoles and games thanks to its Physical Based Shaders engine, while not the best, a fairly intuitive interface, and of course, the game changing particle brushes.



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