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Autodesk Maya 2019.1 (X-FORCE)

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系统要求:OS X 10.11 或更高

Autodesk Maya 简介:

Autodesk Maya for Mac是为游戏开发者和制片人专门设计的3D建模,动画和渲染的跨平台和全面的工具套件。是一款功能齐全的专业3D建模,动画,渲染和组合解决方案,可提供各种功能和动态工具来模拟流体Reallusion Cartoon Animator,布料,颗粒和头发。

此版本包含主要工作流程升级,包括时间编辑器等新工具,这是一个用于创建和编辑基于剪辑的非线性动画的综合工具。同样,我们的新渲染设置系统通过基于镜头的覆盖和模板简化了对复杂场景的管理。此外,使用全新的交互式Groom Splines(其中包括一套直观的基于画笔的工具(在上图中使用)),XGen中的所有类型的头发和毛发都可以更轻松,更快速地进行梳理。最后,新的内容浏览器和新的工作区功能可让您对Maya进行个性化设置。



Autodesk Maya的界面首先可能会让人难以接受,特别是对于初学者来说,但您可以学习如何使用该应用以及如何按照开发人员页面上提供的教程来组织所有功能。



借助Autodesk Maya的开放式体系结构,嵌入式脚本语言(C ++,Python和MEL)以及全面的应用程序编程接口,您将能够创建自定义工具并为您的工作编写脚本或程序。






作为额外优势,Autodesk Maya应用程序使您能够实时完整地预览工作并在渲染和导出模型之前可视化模型。

总而言之,Autodesk Maya是一款功能强大且设计精良的动画,组成,渲染和建模工具,可为您提供专业电影制作人员,游戏开发人员和平面设计人员所需的所有工具和功能。

Autodesk Maya 1


A cross-platform and comprehensive suite of tools for 3D modeling, animation and rendering specially designed for game developers and film makers

Autodesk Maya is a fully-featured professional 3D modeling, animation, rendering and composing solution that provides a wide variety of features and dynamic tools to simulate fluids, cloth, particles and hair.

This release includes major workflow upgrades with new tools like the Time Editor, which is a comprehensive tool for creating and editing clip-based non-linear animation. Similarly, our new Render Setup system simplifies the management of complex scenes with shot-based overrides and templates. In addition, grooming all types of hair and fur in XGen is easier and faster using new Interactive Groom Splines, which includes a set of intuitive brush-based tools (used in the image above). Finally, the new Content Browser, and new Workspaces capabilities let you personalize Maya.

And, don’t miss our new Motion Graphics features, including the 3D Type Tool, the SVG Tool, and the MASH Procedural Effects Toolkit to create versatile motion design animations.

Complex and feature packed 3D modeling and animation utility

Autodesk Maya’s interface might be overwhelming at first, especially for beginners, but you can learn how to use the app and how all features are organized by following the tutorials offered on the developer’s page.

All visual elements like animation, surfaces, polygons or dynamics can be accessed via tabs, while more advanced editing features are available in the Attribute Editor panel. Additionally, From the Timeline you will be able to animate and manage the evolution of your modelling project with just a few mouse clicks.

Very simple to script and a vast array of tools for effortless design automation

Thanks to Autodesk Maya’s open architecture, the embedded scripting languages (C++, Python and MEL), along with the comprehensive Application Programming Interface, you will be able to create custom tools and script or program your work.

Professional users will be able to enjoy a smooth and fluid experience when it comes to animation as long as they have the appropriate rig.

Provides you with a streamlined design workflow and easy to access on-screen drawing tools

In addition, The Grease Pencil allows you to draw directly onto the screen. This features comes in handy when you have to draw on frames, outline animated sequences and more.

If you enable the Modelling Toolkit you will have quick and easy access to handy features in the right-hand panel without having to search through the menus for the desired tool.

Comprehensive and state-of-the-art 3D designer, animator and renderer app for your Mac

As an extra advantage, the Autodesk Maya application enables you to fully preview your work in real-time and visualize your models before rendering and exporting them.

To conclude, Autodesk Maya is a powerful and well-designed animation, composing, rendering and modeling utility created to provide you with all the tools and features required by professional film makers, game developers and graphic designers. 



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