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Avanquest Architect 3D Interior Design 2017 19.0.8 (CR)

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应用大小:1.79 GB
系统要求:OS X 10.9 或更高

Avanquest Architect 3D Interior Design 简介:

Avanquest Architect 3D Interior Design for Mac是设计室内装饰项目的完美工具。安排您的房间或公寓,尝试不同的家具安排和不同的配色方案,或计划对您的厨房或浴室进行全面翻SimLab Composer新。使用QuickStart向导通过简单Smith Micro Poser Pro的拖放部件Smith Micro Poser Pro布局进行定义。通Allegorithmic Substance Painter过选择数千种拖放物品来装饰和个性化您的家居:家具,地板和墙壁覆盖物,台面材料,地毯,边框等。

  • 通过简单的拖放重新设计您的室内空间,并立即以3D形式SimLab Composer查看结果。
  • 为您的房间Marvelous Designer提供简单,功能强大的工具,并点Smith Micro Poser Pro击几下不同的材料Marvelous Designer,颜色等.
  • 为您的3D计划和室内设计项目赋予生命:厨房,浴室,客厅
  • 新!材质编辑器
  • 新!双门和安装选项
  • 新!2D工厂符号和自定义尺寸
  • 新!百叶窗
  • 新!3D切Smith Micro Poser Pro割工具
  • 您可以使用各种建筑材料和装饰。室内和室外涂料,地板,固体表面,百叶窗,石头等等!尝试各种材料。
  • 通过提供数以千计的零件和配件为您的设计添加细节,只需单击一下即可拖放Adobe Dimension一套家具。  
  • 使用装饰性调色板Smith Micro Poser Pro尝试不同的装饰Adobe Dimension理念。创建不同的颜色/材料组合,然后Allegorithmic Substance Painter从一个切换到另一个,以查看哪一个最适合您。
  • Precision Lighting Planner™使您可以完全控制环境光,阴影和光散射。照明助手和太阳定位工具可帮助您规划所需的光量并确定放置位置Allegorithmic Substance Painter
  • 根据电力,地板和管道的计划组织您的绘图。
  • 成本估算器将帮助您跟踪项目并为门,窗等提供秤。
  • 绿色环保!点击绿色建筑图标,您的设计变得更加环保!您可以使用环保材料和Planner 5D物品的区域,如回收玻璃台面,竹地板等等!  
  • 使用我们的教程快速入门:辅助和训练杆指导您完成项目,并为您提供实用的建议。
  • 厨房:用新的壁橱翻新您的厨房,放置一个岛屿用于烹饪或用餐,放置瓷砖或镶Marvelous Designer木地板,改变门窗的风格等等。
  • 浴室:尝试不同颜色的家具,添加新的定制浴缸或淋浴,可视化花岗岩台面对您的梳妆台的效果,比较油漆颜色和壁纸图案,照明。
  • 办公室:添加橱柜和书柜,改变颜色以保持更加安静的氛围,从库中的数百个家具和办公设备中进行选择。Adobe Dimension
  • 起居室:尝试不同的Marvelous Designer布局,灯光以及颜色和材料的组合Allegorithmic Substance Painter。  
  • 电影院:创建一个邀请您放松的电影院,或真正的家庭影院。放置座椅和投影设备。将窗帘放在屏幕前方,并使用爆米花机进行真实的电影放映。
  • 车库:计划车库的翻新!添加定制地板,使用拖Allegorithmic Substance Painter放式货架创建存储,添加车间或将车库变成客厅。
  • 酒窖:创建一个休闲区,将室内高尔夫球场绿化,在3D家具编辑器库中添加办公空间,或者为您的新生活空间尝试不同的布局。

Architect 3D Interior Design 2017 is the perfect tool to design your interior decoration projects. Arrange your room or apartment, try different arrangements of furniture and different color schemes, or planning a complete renovation of your kitchen or your bathroom. Use the QuickStart wizard to define by simple drag and drop layout of your parts. Furnish and personalise your home by choosing from thousands of items to drag and drop: furniture, flooring and wall coverings, countertops materials, carpets, borders and more.

Design your interior Design projects!
  • Redesign your interior space by simple drag and drop and view the results immediatly in 3D.
  • Furnish your rooms with simple, powerful tools and test a few clicks different materials, colors, etc.
  • Give life to your 3D plans and interior design projects: kitchen, bathroom, living room
  • NEW! Material Editor
  • NEW! Double doors and mounting options
  • NEW! 2D Plant Symbol and custom sizes
  • NEW! Window Shutters
  • NEW! 3D Cutaway Tool
  • A wide range of building materials and decoration is at your disposal. Interior and exterior paints, floors, solid surfaces, shutters, stones and much more! Try various materials.
  • Add details to your design thanks to thousands of pieces and accessories available, drag and drop a set of furniture with just one click.
  • Try different decorating ideas with the decorative palettes. Create different combinations of colors / materials, then switch from one to the other to see which one suits you the best.
  • The Precision Lighting Planner™ gives you full control over ambient lights, shadows and light scattering. The lighting assistant and the sun positioning tool help you plan the desired amount of light and determine where to place it.
  • Organize your drawing with plans of electricity, floors and plumbing.
  • The Cost Estimator will help you keep track of your project and provide scales for doors, windows and much more.
  • Build green! Click on the green building icon and your design becomes greener! Areas where you can use environmentally friendly materials and objects are highlighted, such as recycled glass worktops, bamboo flooring and much more!
  • Use our tutorials for a quick start: the Assistance and Training Pole guides you through your project and gives you practical advice to carry it out.
Your project room per room:
  • Kitchen: Renovate your kitchen with new closets, place an island for cooking or for meals, put tile or parquet flooring, change the styles of windows and doors, and much more.
  • Bathroom: try different colors of furniture, add a new custom bath or shower, visualize the effect of a granite countertop on your vanity, compare paint colors and wallpaper patterns, lighting.
  • Office: add cupboards and bookcases, change colors for a more hushed atmosphere, choose from hundreds of furniture and office equipment in the library.
  • Living rooms: try different layouts, lighting and combinations of colors and materials.
  • Movie theater: create a movie theater that invites you to relax, or a real home theater. Place the seats and projection equipment. Place curtains in front of the screen, and a popcorn machine for an authentic movie show.
  • Garage: plan the renovation of your garage! Add a custom flooring, create storage with draganddrop shelves, add a workshop or turn your garage into a living room.
  • Cellar: create a recreation area, put an indoor golf green, add an office space with the library of the 3D furniture editor or try different layouts for your new living space.


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