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Avanquest Architect 3D Landscape Design 2017 19.0.8 (CR)

当前版本:2017 19.0.8
应用大小:1.79 GB
系统要求:OS X 10.9 或更高

Avanquest Architect 3D Landscape Design 简介:

Avanquest Architect 3D Landscape Design for Mac是一种可供所有人使用的架构软件,它有助于绘制计划,安排和装饰您梦想中的房屋,公寓或花园,并以超逼真的感觉查看3D结果KeyShot Pro



  • 以高性能为特色重塑您的花园。
  • 根据您的需要定制您的户外空间:露台,小径,边界……
  • 按照您所在的地区添加树木和植物,阳光……
  • 在3D中可视化您的景观项目:露台,庭院,门廊,户外厨房……
  • 吸引您的梦想!
  • 新!材质编辑器
  • 新!2D工厂符号和自定义尺寸
  • 新!双门和安装选项
  • 新!3D切割工具
  • 从4000多种花卉,灌木和树木的图书馆中将植物拖放到您的设计中。
  • 根据水或阳光的需要,通过种植区域选择植物。
  • 使用先入为主的计划在一秒钟内创建景观。
  • 创建花园区域并用石头或覆盖物填充它们。
  • 在花坛,花园或车道周围添加自定义边框。
  • 为您的露台和甲板添加3D物体,设计您的游泳池。
  • 使用增长模拟工具,观察您的景观随时间的变化。
  • 有多种材料和家具(屋顶,灰泥,瓷砖,砖,木……)可供选择。
  • 使用鹅卵石,台阶混凝土或石头定制您的庭院,车道和道路。
  • 在您搬入,翻新或在家举办活动之前,您可以使用成千上万的家具和户外配件来详细创建您的户外空间!
  • 通过先入为主的厨房岛屿为您的庭院添加厨房,或使用外部橱柜,电器,吸烟者和烤架创建定制厨房。材质编辑器工具允许您尝试不同的材质组合。
  • 通过改变您的卡座材料,为您家的外观尝试不同的风格。您甚至可以在花坛中尝试不同的覆盖物。
  • 甲板样品拖放可以在一个或多个楼层快速创建露台
  • IntelliDeck™只需点击几下即可轻松创建自定义卡座。
  • IntelliDeck在您绘制时直观地识别您房屋的形状,允许您在几秒钟内构建自定义平台。
  • 自动插入梯田和坡道。个性化您的坡道和楼梯使它们成直或弯曲。
  • 使用大量材料来自定义您的卡座以进行拖放。







3D Architect is an architecture software accessible to all which helps to draw the plans, arrange and decorate the house, apartment or the garden of your dreams and to view the result in 3D with an ultra-realistic feel.

Define the shape of your landscape using the QuickStart pieces drag and drop, or from a photo of your home. Design your landscape with gardens to drag and drop, or create a custom landscape through the extensive library of plants. Decorate your exterior with thousands of combinations of paint, coatings, bricks, stucco and more. Design your space in the smallest details: the place of outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchens, ponds and pavilions. Use our tutorials for a quick start! The tool tips and training guide helps you through your project and give you practical tips to carry it out.

Plan, design and visualize your landscape and outdoor living spaces!

  • Recreate your garden with high performance features.
  • Customize your outdoor spaces as you wish: terrace, paths, borders…
  • Add trees and plants following your region, sunshine…
  • Visualize in 3D your landscaping projects: terrace, patio, porch, outdoor kitchen…
  • Draw the pool of your dreams!
  • NEW! Material Editor
  • NEW! 2D Plant Symbol and custom sizes
  • NEW! Double doors and mounting options
  • NEW! 3D Cutaway Tool
  • Drag and drop plants into your design from a library of more than 4,000 flowers, shrubs and trees.
  • Select plants by growing region, according to water or sunlight needs.
  • Create landscape in a second with preconceived plans.
  • Create garden area and fill them with stones or mulch.
  • Add custom borders around your flowerbeds, gardens or driveways.
  • Add 3D objects for your terrace and decks, design your swimming pool.
  • Use the growth simulation tool and watch your landscape changing over time.
Customize your outdoor areas:
  • A large selection of materials and furniture (roofs, stucco, tiles, brick, wood …) are available.
  • Customize your patios, driveways and roads with cobblestones, steps concrete or stones.
  • Use thousands of furniture and outdoor accessories available to create in detail your outdoor space before you move in, renovate or for an event at home!
  • Add a kitchen to your patio through preconceived kitchen islands or create a custom kitchen using external cabinets, appliances, smokers and grills. Material Editor Tool allows you to try different combinations of materials.
  • Try different styles for the exterior of your home by changing the material of your deck. You can even try different mulch in your flower beds.
Deck Tool:
  • Deck samples to drag and drop allows a quick creation of terraces in one or more floors
  • IntelliDeck ™ makes it easy to create a custom deck in a few clicks.
  • IntelliDeck intuitively identifies the shape of your house when you draw allowing you to build a custom deck in seconds.
  • Automatically insert terraces and ramps. Personalise your ramps and stairs making them straight or curved.
  • Customise your deck with a large selection of materials to drag and drop.
Outdoor Kitchen

Try different material until finding the one that suits you.

Swimming Pool

Use the swimming pool editor to conceive the perfect one.

Outdoor lights

Add lighting to your walkways and paths. Use vertical lighting projectors to create stunning light effects.



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