Clearview 2.2.0 (TNT)

应用大小:5.1 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.7 或更高

Clearview 简介:

Clearview for Mac是一款易于使用的标签式电子书阅读器,配备图书架,支持PDF,EPUB(DRM免费),CHM,MOBI,FB2和漫画(CBR,CBZ)等流行电子书格式。您可以制作注释,插入书签并Microsoft Office自由搜索,还可以跨多个设备访问笔记,Microsoft Office书签和书籍集。

Microsoft Excel单直观的图书管理。

只需Microsoft Powerpoint将包含电子书文件的文件夹从查找Microsoft Office器拖放到Clearview书架上,Microsoft Excel所有文件信息都将快速导入到库中,然后您可以轻松地从书架上浏览,搜索和阅读书籍。随着书籍文件夹和图书馆合作,你会发现书籍组织是如此简单的事情。

  • 封面图书流预览。
  • 从库或查找器中拖放以构建书籍集合。
  • 能够编辑书籍元信息和更改书籍封面。
  • 对于pdf,您还可以选择(使用首选项)将注释保存为原始pdf文件,这样可以使Clearview成为pdf的小型编辑器;
  • PDF注释的线,箭头,矩形,椭圆,突出显示,罢工,下划线,自由文本,注释;
  • 注释/评论,突出显示,打击,下划线 – EPUB,MOBI,CHM注释;
  • 可定制的注释颜色和线宽;
  • 使用注释导出PDF;
  • 将注释导出为RTF文件,pdf或打印;
  • 导出/转换epub / mobi / chm book作为pdf书;

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Easy-to-use tabbed style ebook reader, equipped with library shelf, supports popular ebook formats as PDF, EPUB (DRM free), CHM, MOBI, FB2 and comic books(CBR, CBZ). You can make annotations, insert bookmarks, and do searching freely, and access your notes, bookmarks and book collections across multiple devices.

Easy and intuitive books management.

Just drag the folders containing e-book files from finder and drop on the Clearview shelf, all the files information will be imported to the library quickly, then you can browse, search and read the books from shelf easily. With book folders and book collections cooperating together, you will find that books organization is such an easy thing.

  • Cover flow preview of books.
  • Drag and drop from library or finder to construct book collections.
  • Capability to edit book meta info and change book cover.
Revisions will be saved in library database automatically, not on the original book files, so “save changes” prompt dialog won’t appear in your smooth reading.
  • For pdf, you can also choose (with a preference option) to save annotations to the original pdf file, this way make Clearview a compact editor for pdf;
  • Line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, highlight, strike, underline, free text, comments- for PDF annotations;
  • Note/Comment, highlight, strike, underline- for EPUB, MOBI, CHM annotations;
  • Customizable annotation colors and line width;
  • Export PDF with annotations;
  • Export notes as RTF file, pdf or print;
  • Export/convert epub/mobi/chm book as a pdf book;


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