Data Guardian

Data Guardian 5.0.1 (TNT)

应用大小:26 MB
系统要求:macOS 10.13 或更高

Data Guardian 简介:

Data Guardian for Mac是一款数据安全保护软件,可让您快速创建包含所有帐户凭据的数据库。为了保证一切安全,您可以使用主密码保护数据库,而Data Guardian将使用强大的448位Blowfish算法对其进行加密。FileWard旨在帮助您使用448位Blowfish加密算法来保护帐户详细信息,密码Antivirus Cyber Byte Pro等等。



要获得Data Guardian的声明,您必须先创建一个数据库,然后使用有关各种类型帐户的详细信息填充它。该应用程序还能够存储有关产品许可证,联系人,备注甚至配方的数据。



此外,Data Guardian随附密码生成器,能够立即创建随机密码。请注意,可以通过“首选项”窗口轻松更改随机密码的模板

最重要的是,内置的密码助理允许您创建个性化的密码。首先,您可以选择密码类型:难忘,字母和数字,仅数字,随机或符合FIPS-181标准。下一步是从滑块栏中选择密码长度:根据结果,Data Guardian可让您知道当前生成的密码的质量级别。


Data Guardian为您提供了在干净和有组织的环境中存储密码和其他类型数据的可能性。此外,您可以使用主密码保护数据库并使用Blowfish加密算法。

Data Guardian 1


macOS application designed to help you protect accounts details, passwords, and more using the 448-bits Blowfish encryption algorithm

Using singular passkeys for different accounts is the least you can do when it comes to staying safe: this way, even if one of your accounts is compromised, the others remain safe. However, memorizing all that information can prove to be rather challenging.

Data Guardian is a macOS application that enables you to quickly create a database that contains the credentials for all your accounts. To keep everything safe, you can protect the database with a master password, while Data Guardian will encrypt it by using the powerful  448-bits Blowfish algorithm.

Provides support for multiple databases

To get stated with Data Guardian, you must first create a database and then populate it with details about various types of accounts. The application is also able to store data about products licenses, contacts, notes, and even recipes.

The best part is that you can create as many databases as you like: this way, the application can be used by multiple users at the same time. Moreover, you can sync the database to other devices, and have access to your credentials at all times.

Helps you generate reliable passwords

In addition, Data Guardian comes with a password generator that is able to create random passkeys in no time. Note that the template for the random password can be easily changed via the Preferences window

On top of that, the built in Password Assistant enables you make personalized passwords. First off, you get to select the password type: memorable, letters&numbers, numbers only, random, or FIPS-181 compliant. The next step is to select the password length from a slider bar: depending on the result, Data Guardian lets you know the quality level of the currently generated password.

Straightforward password management utility with powerful encryption capabilities

Data Guardian offers you the possibility to store your passwords and other type of data in a clean and organized environments. Moreover, you get to protect the database with a master password and use the Blowfish encryption algorithm. 



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