EdgeView 2

EdgeView 2 2.840 (TNT)

应用大小:12 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.11 或更高

EdgeView 2 简介:

EdgeView 2 for Mac是一款尖端图像浏览器。您可以打开各种图像文件,也可以打开ZIP,rar等档案文件而无需提取。您可以检查并打开内置文件浏览器中的文件。并且可以连接到FTP并直接打开文件。 EdgeView 2是查看和GraphicConverter管理图像文件,卡通文件(如档案)的最Movavi Photo Manager佳选择。

  • 支持主要的存档格式,如ZIP,RAR,CBZ,CBR,7-zip,ALZ等。
  • 可以提取加密的归档文件
  • 可以直接读取归档文件中的归档文件…
  • 高级预读高速缓存,用于快速加载
  • 高质量的图像渲染
  • 为漫画阅读提供适当的功能
  • 双页传播,从右向左阅读等。
  • 强大的导航功能
  • 移动上一个/下一个,跳过,只移动一个页面(移动上一个/下一个)等。
  • 您可以通过进度条和缩略图栏检查缩略图
  • 支持触控板手势
  • 用滑动手势移动页面,用捏手势缩放
  • 内置放大镜功能,更容易看清小字
  • 可以自由放大/缩小图像
  • 可以实时应用各种特效
  • 在传播页面中插入阴影,自动电平校正,模糊,锐化,不遮掩,灰度,着色等。
  • 可以从特效HUD进行详细设置
  • 可以旋转,翻转水平,翻转垂直图像
  • 支持动画GIF和动画PNG
  • 暂停/播放,移至上一帧/下一帧,并可从动画HUD更改帧率
  • 支持幻灯片
  • 您可以调整每个窗口的透明度
  • 可以通过SNS共享图像。
  • 可以在iOS设备的comicShare应用程序中进行远程控制
  • 内置文件浏览器显示文件作为列表或图标
  • 可以按文件名,费率,作者,类别等进行排列。
  • 轻松添加和修改附加信息,例如费率,作者,类别
  • 提供搜索功能,例如聚光灯搜索,文件名搜索
  • 可以在文件浏览器中连接到FTP服务器
  • FTP文件搜索也受支持
  • FTP中的图像文件,档案文件也可以直接打开* 1
  • 将打开的文件夹,存档文件,PDF文件保存为历史记录
  • 最后打开的页面,文件位置,特殊效果,显示设置将保存并恢复为重新打开时的最后状态
  • 使用内置的QuickLook插件自动创建包含图像的存档文件的缩略图
  • 存档没有图像的文件会在QuickLook面板上显示包含的文件列表
  • 截图上的漫画 

EdgeView 2 is a cutting-edge image viewer for MacOS X. You can open various image files, can also open archive files like as ZIP, rar without extraction. You can check and open files on built-in file browser. And can connect to FTP and open the file directly. EdgeView 2 is the best choice when viewing and managing image files, cartoon files like as archives.

Image viewer
  • Supporting image files such as JPG, GIF, BMP, PSD, TIFF, RAW(DNG) and PDF
  • Supporting major archive formats such as ZIP, RAR, CBZ, CBR, 7-zip, ALZ, etc.
  • Can extract encrypted archive file
  • Can read archive file in archive file in archive… as they are
  • Advanced pre-read cache for fast loading
  • High quality image rendering
  • Provide suitable function for comic reading
  • Two-page spread, reading from right to left, etc.
  • Powerful navigation function
  • Move previous/next, skip, move only one page(shift previous/next), etc.
  • You can move while checking thumbnails with progress bar and thumbnail bar
  • Support for trackpad gestures
  • Moving pages with swipe gesture, scaling with pinch gesture
  • Built-in loupe function to make it easier to see small character
  • Can zoom in/out image freely
  • Various special effects can be applied in real time
  • Insert shadow in spread pages, auto level correction, blur, sharpen, unsharpen mask, grayscale, colorize, etc.
  • Detailed setting is possible from the effects HUD
  • Can roate, flip horizontal, flip vertical image
  • Support for Animated GIF, and Animated PNG
  • Pause/play, move to previous/next frame, and can change frame rates from animated HUD
  • Support for Slideshow
  • You can adjust transparency for each window
  • Can sharing image via SNS.
  • Can remote control in comicShare app in iOS device
File Browser
  • Built-in file browser display files as lists or icon
  • Can be arranged by file name, rates, writer, category, etc.
  • Easily add and modify additional information such as rates, writer, category
  • Provide search functions such as spotlight search, file name search
  • Can connect to FTP server in a file browser
  • FTP file search is also supported
  • Image files, archive files in FTP can also be opened directly * 1
  • Save opened folders, archive files, PDF files as history
  • The last opened page, file position, special effects, display settings are saved and restored as it is at the last state when reopening
  • Automatically create thumbnails of archive files containing images with the built-in QuickLook plug-in
  • Archive files without images display the included file list on the QuickLook panel
  • Comics on Screenshot


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