Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro 10.4.7 (TNT)

应用大小:2.99 GB
系统要求:macOS 10.13.2 或更高

Final Cut Pro 简介:

Final Cut Pro for Mac是一款专业视频非线性编辑软件,从头开始重新设计,Final Cut Pro将革命性的视频编辑与强大的媒体组织和令人难以置信的性能相结合,让您以思想的速度创作。

  • Magnetic Timeline 2使用高级元数据,比传统曲目更快,更容易编辑。
  • 增强时间线索引可让您拖放音频角色以重新排列时间线的布局。
  • 使用剪辑连接将Broll,音效和音乐附加到时间线上。
  • 通过将剪辑分组到复合剪辑来减少混乱。
  • 使用试听在时间线上的某个位置循环播放不同的镜头,图形或效果。
  • 通过基于音频波形的自动同步功能编辑multicamera项目,并支持多达64个摄像机角度。
  • 以各种格式和帧大小导入和编辑360°等矩形视频。
  • 在Final Cut Pro中创建,编辑和发送隐藏字幕。
  • 组织您的图书馆工作,实现高效的媒体管理和协作
  • 内容AutoAnalysis捕获相机元数据并在后台分析镜头
  • 选择剪辑范围时,可随时创建并应用自定义关键字或收藏夹
  • 智能收藏可动态组织内容,让您快速找到任何点击
  • Final Cut Pro使用Mac中的所有GPU实现卓越的实时播放性能和快速背景渲染
  • 64位架构将系统中的所有RAM用于大型项目和更丰富的效果
  • 后台处理可让您不间断地继续工作
  • 本机工作的范围很广,包括ProRes,RED,XAVC,AVCHD,来自数码单反相机的H.264等等
  • 精美的动画,可轻松定制的2D和3D标题
  • 使用直观的控件更改标题,转场和效果的外观
  • 从包含自定义界面的第三方FxPlug插件的广泛生态系统中进行选择
  • 在导入过程中分配角色(包括对话,音乐,效果和自定义选项),以便轻松跟踪和组织项目
  • 直接在时间线上展开和编辑多声道音频文件
  • 让Final Cut Pro修复音频问题,如嗡嗡声,背景噪音过大等等
  • 通过即时音频波形匹配,以单一步骤与单独的音频同步数码单反相机视频
  • 在标准色彩空间或广泛的录制中导入,编辑和传送视频。 2020色彩空间
  • 使用一键平衡颜色改善任何剪辑的外观
  • 使用色板操纵色彩,饱和度和曝光度
  • 使用键控和蒙版微调屏幕的特定颜色或区域
  • 功能强大的色轮和曲线可以用键控和蒙版进行精确调节
  • 令人难以置信的快速导出在Apple设备上播放并上传到Vimeo,YouTube和Facebook等网站
  • 使用主题菜单来制作和刻录DVD或蓝光光盘
  • 使用角色元数据导出音频词干和完成视频的多个版本
  • 导入和导出第三方工作流程的XML,如颜色分级和混音

Redesigned from the ground up, Final Cut Pro combines revolutionary video editing with powerful media organization and incredible performance to let you create at the speed of thought.

Revolutionary Video Editing
  • The Magnetic Timeline 2 uses advanced metadata for faster, easier editing than with traditional tracks
  • Enhanced Timeline Index lets you drag and drop audio roles to rearrange the layout of your timeline
  • Use Clip Connections to attach Broll, sound effects, and music to the timeline
  • Reduce clutter by grouping clips into a Compound Clip
  • Cycle through different shots, graphics, or effects at one place in the timeline with Auditions
  • Edit multicamera projects with automatic syncing based on audio waveforms and support for up to 64 camera angles
  • Import and edit 360° equirectangular video in a wide range of formats and frame sizes
  • Create, edit, and deliver closed captions from within Final Cut Pro
Powerful Media Organization
  • Organize your work within libraries for efficient media management and collaboration
  • Content AutoAnalysis captures camera metadata and analyzes shots in the background
  • Create and apply custom keywords or favorites on the fly as you select clip ranges
  • Smart Collections dynamically organize content for you to quickly find any shot in a few clicks
Incredible Performance
  • Final Cut Pro uses all the GPUs in your Mac for superior realtime playback performance and fast background rendering
  • 64bit architecture uses all the RAM in your system for larger projects and richer effects
  • Background processing lets you keep working without interruption
  • Work natively with a broad range of formats including ProRes, RED, XAVC, AVCHD, H.264 from DSLRs, and more
Compelling, Customizable Effects
  • Beautifully animated, easily customizable 2D and 3D titles
  • Change the look of titles, transitions, and effects using intuitive controls
  • Choose from an extensive ecosystem of thirdparty FxPlug plugins with custom interfaces
Integrated Audio Editing
  • Assign roles — including dialogue, music, effects, and custom choices — during import to easily track and organize your project
  • Expand and edit multichannel audio files directly in the timeline
  • Let Final Cut Pro repair audio problems such as hum, excessive background noise, and more
  • Sync DSLR video with separate audio in a single step with instant audio waveform matching
Intuitive Color Grading
  • Import, edit, and deliver video in standard color spaces, or in wide Rec. 2020 color space
  • Improve the look of any clip with oneclick Balance Color
  • Manipulate color, saturation, and exposure with the Color Board
  • Fine tune a specific color or area of the screen using keying and masks
  • Powerful color wheels and curves for precise adjustments with keying and masks
One-Step, Optimized Output
  • Incredibly fast export for playback on Apple devices and upload to websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook
  • Use themed menus to author and burn a DVD or Bluray disc
  • Export audio stems and multiple versions of a finished video using roles metadata
  • Import and export XML for thirdparty workflows like color grading and sound mixing


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