FxFactory Pro

FxFactory Pro 7.1.3 (SN)

应用大小:19 MB
系统要求:macOS 10.12 或更高

FxFactory Pro 简介:

FxFactory Pro for Mac是一款革命性的视觉效果软件包,具有无与伦比的功能,可为Final Cut Pro,Motion,After Effects和Premiere Pro提供最大量的插件。

  • 它可以快速访问旨在与Adobe After Effects,Final Cut Pro或Motion配合使用的视觉效果集合。
  • 此外,具有直观的界面,可让您浏览和管理系统上安装的所有效果。
  • OS X应用程序还允许您在无需购买的情况下使用免费产品,但也为购买和注册商业产品提供支持。
  • 它可以让你在不写一行代码的情况下制作自己的视觉效果。
  • 用户可以检查所有插件,并根据您的项目对其进行适当配置,或根据现有插件创建新插件。
  • 无需编写代码即可为Final Cut Studio创建自己的效果。与FxPlug无缝集成:一旦安装插件,您可以立即开始在Final Cut Pro,Motion和After Effects等等中使用它们!
  • 另一个优点是Pro Pack插件支持构建16位和32位移动图像。它不仅仅是内置的插件管理器,还是一个完整的管理环境。通过它你可以连接到项目所需的模块,将它们应用到你的内容,预览和渲染。

FxFactory 1


Visual effects toolbox with unmatched features. a revolutionary visual effects package which powers the largest collection of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

FxFactory Pro Key Features:
  • It provides quick access to a collection of visual effects designed to work with Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro or Motion.
  • Moreover, is featuring a intuitive interface that allows you to browse and manage all effects that are installed on your system.
  • OS X application also allows you to use the free products without purchasing but also provides support for purchasing and registering commercial products.
  • It allows you to make your own visual effects without writing a single line of code.
  • The user can check all the plug-ins and configure them suitably for your project, or create new ones based on existing ones.
  • Create your own effects for Final Cut Studio without writing code. Seamless integration with FxPlug: once to install the plugin, you can immediately start using them in Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects and more!
  • An additional advantage is that the Pro Pack plug-ins support the construction of a moving image of 16-bit and 32-bit. it’s not just the built-in plugin manager, but also a complete environment for their management. Through it you can connect to the project the necessary modules, apply them to your content, preview and rendering.


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7.1.3 - SN 英文 2019-06-26 19 MB 点击下载
7.1.2 - SN 英文 2019-06-06 14 MB 点击下载 - SN 英文 2019-03-21 14 MB 点击下载
7.1.1 - SN 英文 2019-02-05 14 MB 点击下载 - SN 英文 2018-12-24 14 MB 点击下载

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