iMazing (TNT)

应用大小:114 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.9 或更高

iMazing 简介:

iMazing for Mac是一款IOS移动设备管理工具,是一款全面的macOS软件解决方案,它提供了一个清晰有序的界面,用于浏览运行iOS的任何设备的内容,然后轻松地将文件传入和传出设备。此外,iMazing应用程序能够在您连接到Tenorshare ReiBootMac后立即检测任何iOS设备,并会自动加载其内容,以便轻松浏览。


根据设备类型,iMazing可让您浏览和快速传输iOS设备存储磁盘上各种文件夹MobiKin Doctor for iOS中包含的文PrimoMusic件。

在探索iOS设备时,iMazing允许MobiKin Doctor for iOS您查看存储SyncMate区域,图片,视频,音乐,播客或您在Apple iCloud中保存的内PrimoMusic容。来回传输可以通过简单的拖放操作实现。







直观而强大的iOS传输和Mac浏览器,内置支持Photo Stream和iCloud


总而言之,如果您想管理存储在iOS设备上的媒体内容或元数据文件,而无需处理iTunes,则这是必备的OS X应用程序。



Enables you to quickly and intuitively browse the contents of an iOS device and then transfer files to and from the device with ease

iMazing is a comprehensive macOS software solution that provides a clean and organized interface for browsing the contents of any device running iOS.

Moreover, the iMazing app is able to detect any iOS device as soon you connect it to your Mac and will automatically load its contents for easy and simple browsing.

Fast and easy to use iOS device storage browser, capable of helping you transfer files to and from your iOS device via drag and drop

Depending on the device type, iMazing enables you to browse and quickly transfer the files contained within various folders on your iOS device’s storage disk.

While exploring an iOS device, iMazing allows you to view the storage area, your pictures, videos, music, podcasts or the content you keep within Apple’s iCloud. The back and forth transfer can be achieved via simple drag and drop actions.

When dealing with an iPhone, iMazing is able to help you effortlessly access and export your messages, phone contacts, the call history, the text notes and the voices memos to your Mac’s hard drive.

In addition, you will also be allowed to connect to your iPhone using a Wi-Fi network connection, not only through an USB cable.

Clone iOS devices and restore iOS backups

As an added advantage, iMazing also makes it very easy to clone any iPhone to one or multiple devices at a time and to rapidly and effortlessly restore any device, using all the backed up data or with a limited selection.

Since iMazing considers that your device is just run-of-the-mill storage unit, you will be able to view the installed applications and browse their entire contents without having to jump through any hoops to do it.

Last but not least, iMazing is able to access the files stored in your iCloud and Photo Stream accounts. You are able to both download and upload documents to those accounts, and to visualize and download the Photo Streams that other users have shared with you.

Intuitive and powerful iOS transfer and browser for the Mac with Inbuilt support for Photo Stream and iCloud

iMazing is a very efficient file management solution that provides a modern and organized interface for transferring data between your Mac and your iOS devices.

All in all, this a must-have OS X application if you want to manage your media content or metadata files stored on your iOS device without having to deal with iTunes.



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