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Iridient Developer 3.3.8 (TNT)

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系统要求:OS X 10.8 或更高

Iridient Developer 简介:

Iridient Developer for Mac是一款功能强大的图像处理器,可让您打开和编辑流行的数字图像文件格式,包括高质量的RAW数据。能够处理常用的文件格式,如JPEG,PNG或TIFF。另外,该应用程序还可以处理HDR或RAW图像文件。


要开始,您必须将Iridient Developer指向包含要处理图像的文件夹:该实用程序还将导入存储在子文件夹中的文件。值得注意的是,Iridient Developer还可以处理RAW图像(包括强大的去马赛克算法)。

此外,您可以调整RAW图像大小(使用相机设置,最大值或自定义修剪),并指定应用何时应用Apple RAW转换方法(对于不支持的图像格式,从不或始终)。


Iridient Developer主窗口允许您浏览导入的图像并在中心区域预览它们。


最后但并非最不重要的一点,Iridient Developer还在一个单独的窗口中提供了图像直方图:您可以在RGB,RED,绿色,蓝色,RGB颜色,RGB +,CIE亮度,CIE亮度,CIE色度,亮度,色调或饱和度。


此外,在位于Iridient Developer主窗口的顶部工具栏中,您可以看到当前选定像素的RGB像素值,或者访问基本图像处理工具:裁切,旋转,放大或缩小。

如果您需要批处理RAW图像文件,但也能够处理要求较低的图像文件格式,Iridient Developer是一款极好的工具。

Iridient Developer 1


A powerful image processor for Mac OS X that enables you to open and edit popular digital image file formats, including high quality RAW data.

Iridient Developer is yet another image processing application for Mac OS X that is able to work with popular file formats, such as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. In addition, the application can deal with HDR or RAW image files.

Quickly import entire image folders and preview each picture added for processing

To get started, you must point Iridient Developer to the folder that contains the images you want to process: the utility will also import the files stored in subfolders. Noteworthy is that Iridient Developer can also work with RAW images (includes a robust demosaicing algorithm).

Moreover, you can adjust the RAW image size (use camera settings, maximum, or custom trim), and specify when should the app apply the Apple RAW conversion method (for unsupported image formats, never, or always).

Packs exhaustive image adjustment capabilities that can be accessed via a tabbed panel

The Iridient Developer main window allows you to browse the imported images and preview them in the central area.

At the same time, via the Settings panel associated with each picture, the utility provides extensive image adjustment options: you can change the exposure level, the color correction level, the input profile and much more.

Last but not least, Iridient Developer also provides the image histogram in a separate window: you get to switch between various viewing modes, such as RGB, RED, Green, Blue, Colors RGB, Colors + RGB, CIE Lightness, CIE Luminance, CIE Chroma, Luminosity, Hue, or Saturation.

Powerful yet easy to use image processor that can help you deal with various tasks

Furthermore, in the top toolbar placed in the Iridient Developer’s main window, you can see the RGB Pixel Value for the currently selected pixel, or access basic image processing tools: crop, rotate, zoom in or zoom out.

Iridient Developer is an excellent tool to have around if you need to batch process RAW image files but is also able to deal with less demanding image file formats.



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