iStat Menus

iStat Menus 6.4 (SN)

应用大小:21 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.11 或更高

iStat Menus 简介:

iStat Menus for Mac是一款非常强大的系统信息监测工具,一个不显眼的macOS状态栏菜单应用程序,旨在使您能够毫不费力地监视您的系统活动和资源使用情况。注意你的Mac资源是可取的,因为这样你可以更多地了解你的计算机,并App Tamer且可以更快地发现可能的问题。

iStat Menus包含多个状态栏菜单,因此,您必须选择要激活的项目并将其行为个性化以符合您的需求。



iStat Menus分析并提供以下元素的使用数据和单独的状态栏菜单:CPU和GPU,内存,磁盘,网络,传感器,电池(如果可用)或时间(可显示不同城市的本地时间)。另外,您可以创建一个包含多个元素的菜单。




iStat Menus为菜单栏主题(黑色,蓝色,火焰,石墨,绿色,粉红色,紫色,红色和白色)提供了9种风格,2种下拉主题(黑暗和光亮),并允许您调整状态栏图形背景不透明度。另外,您还可以调整菜单中显示的数据的更新频率:快速,中速或慢速。

总而言之,如果您正在寻找低调的工具来监控Mac处理可用资源的方式,iStat Menus当然值得您的关注。

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An unobtrusive macOS status bar menu application designed to enables you to effortlessly monitor your system activity and resources usage

Keeping an eye on your Mac’s resources is advisable because this way you can understand more about your computer and you can identify possible issues sooner.

iStat Menus is a Mac app that provides quick access to this type of information via your status bar.

iStat Menus comprises multiple status bar menus so, right of the bat, you must select the ones you want active and personalize their behavior to match your own needs.

Easily accessible information about various types of resources

Once this is taken care of, the menus will be present in your status bar at all times: simply click on the respective icon and the drop down panel will provide more statistical data.

iStat Menus analyzes and provides usage data and separate status bar menus for the following elements: CPU&GPU, Memory, Disks, Network, Sensors, Battery (if available), or Time (can show the local time for different cities). In addition, you can create a single menu that combines multiple elements.

Note that each menu comes with its own customization options: you can change the way in which the information is displayed or the color palette.

Customize its status bar menu’s appearance in no time

Moreover, you can select the sensors you want to monitor, set up warnings for specific battery levels, and more.

iStat Menus comes with 9 styles for the menu bar theme (black, blue, fire, graphite, green, pink, purple, red, and white), 2 drop down themes (dark and light), and allows you to adjust the status bar graph background opacity. In addition, you may also adjust the update frequency for the data displayed in the menus: fast, medium, or slow.

Unobtrusive menu bar solution for keeping an eye on your Mac’s resources usage

All in all, if you are looking for a low-key tool for monitoring the way in which your Mac deals with the available resources, iStat Menus certainly deserves your attention.



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