Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro 9.0.4 (Shark)

应用大小:25 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.10 或更高

Keyboard Maestro 简介:

Keyboard Maestro for Mac键盘大师是一个快捷键自定义神器,使您可以根据自己的需要设置各种宏快捷键。全面和轻量级的macOS实用程序旨在简化和直接快速创建自定义键盘快捷键宏。使用键盘操作来触发某些功能,启动应用程序Awaken或在窗口之间导航可以帮助您提高生产力水平。

剪贴板管理器和应用程序或Windows切换器使Keyboard Maestro成为一个完整的生产力解决方案

为了您的方便,Keyboard Maestro将多个面向工作流的工具放在一起。这样,您可以使用应用程序来控制存储在剪贴板上的内容:Keyboard Maestro保留剪贴板历史记录,甚至允许您在多个指定剪贴板之间切换。

另外,您可以使用Keyboard Maestro在应用程序及其窗口之间快速导航。通常,这些工具都是独立的应用程序,但是Keyboard Maestro在宏功能的基础上提供了这些工具,以提供一个功能强大的生产力工具。


当您在Keyboard Maestro中创建一个新的宏时,您必须将其分配给一个组,为其命名并指定一个触发器:它可以是脚本(AppleScript,Shell,Perl,Python或Ruby),也可以选择(热键,键入的字符串,应用程序,登录,引擎启动,系统唤醒,时间,记录,宏调色板,状态菜单,公共网站,挂载音量,USB设备,无线网络,设备或MIDI) 。



总的来说,Keyboard Maestro应用程序为您提供了自动化某些过程所需的工具,以帮助您轻松处理重复性的任务。

同时,您可以管理剪贴板历史记录,定义命名的粘贴板以及使用Keyboard Maestro功能在Windows和应用程序之间快速切换,这一事实消除了安装其他提高生产力的应用程序的需求。

  • 程序和窗口切换器
  • 剪贴板切换器
  • 剪贴板历史切换器

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Comprehensive and lightweight macOS utility designed to make it simple and straightforward to rapidly create custom keyboard shortcut macros

Using keyboard actions to trigger certain functions, launch applications, or navigate between windows can help you improve your productivity level. Keyboard Maestro is a Mac app that enables you to set up various Macro shortcuts according to your own needs.

The clipboard manager and the apps or windows switchers make Keyboard Maestro a complete productivity solution

For your convenience, Keyboard Maestro puts together multiple workflow oriented tools. This way, you can use the app to control the content stored on your clipboard: Keyboard Maestro maintains a clipboard history and even allows you to toggle between multiple named clipboards.

In addition, you can use Keyboard Maestro to quickly navigate between applications and their windows. Usually, these tools come as separate apps, but Keyboard Maestro offers them on top of the Macro capabilities in order to provide a poilished productivity tool.

Define Macros that meet your own needs and use different types of triggers: your imagination is the limit

When you create a new Macro within Keyboard Maestro, you must assign it to a group, give it a name, and designate a trigger: it can be a script (AppleScript, Shell, Perl, Python, or Ruby), or you can select one of those included by default (hotkey, typed string, application, login, engine launch, system wake, time, while logged, macro palette, status menu, public web, mounted volume, USB device, Wireless Network, device, or MIDI).

Naturally, the next step is to assign an action to your Macro: provides a plethora of possible actions that can be launched and you can add as many as you like and combine them any way you see fit.

A comprehensive productivity solution that can improve your efficiency

On the whole, the app provides you with the tools needed to automate certain processes in order to help you deal with repetitive tasks easier.

At the same time, the fact that you can manage your clipboard history, define named pasteboards, and use the Keyboard Maestro functions to quickly switch between windows and apps eliminates the need to install additional productivity enhancing apps.

  • Macro
  • Program and window switcher
  • Clipboard switcher
  • Clipboard history switcher


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