MacScan 3.1 (TNT)

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系统要求:OS X 10.8 或更高

MacScan 简介:

MacScan for Mac是一款强大直观的恶意软件扫描和防御软件,通过提供先进的检测和移除安全和隐私威胁来防止恶意软件的持续增长。自动更新可确保您抵御最新威胁,即使您不在时,计划扫描也可以监控计算机的安全性Scudo。当涉及到隐私威胁时,MacScan 3可以自动删除列入黑名单的跟踪cookie或清除常用网页浏览器留下的文件,从而节省磁盘空间并删除私人数据。

  • 防范恶意软件威胁:避免受到恶意软件的攻击。 MacScan 3提供四种独特的方式来扫描恶意软件,包括新的云安全扫描功能,可以将已知恶意软件隐藏的位置作为目标,从而节省时间和计算机资源。
  • Internet Clutter Cleanup:删除Web浏览器留下的不必要文件,以释放宝贵的硬盘空间并消除私人数据。当涉及到您的隐私保护时,扩展的清洁选项可为您提供完整的控制和定制。
  • 计划扫描和自动清理:MacScan 3具有内置扫描计划程序,可以让您完全控制扫描自动运行的时间,并允许您配置不同的扫描以在不同的时间运行。如果您正在寻找追踪cookie的快速解决方案,MacScan 3具有自动cookie清除功能,当您完成网上冲浪时,将针对并移除列入黑名单的追踪cookie,将剩余的Cookie留在原地 – 无需用户交互需要!
  • 恶意软件定义更新:MacScan 3会在每次扫描前自动检查恶意软件定义更新,因此您可以轻松保持最新状态,防范最新的针对OS X的Mac恶意软件威胁。
  • 扩展的跟踪Cookie清理选项:MacScan 3加载了大量已知跟踪cookie(超过25,000个和计数!)的检测功能,并定期更新数据库。如果您希望保留特定的Cookie,或者您始终想要删除的Cookie,则可以在系统上为cookie指定一个自定义白名单和黑名单。

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designed exclusively for Mac OS X, and including full support for Apple’s latest release of OS X 10.11–provides protection against the continued growth of malware by offering advanced detection and removal of security and privacy threats.

makes it easy to protect against malware with an intuitive interface and enhanced scan capabilities. Automatic malware definition updates ensure that you’re protected against the latest threats, and scheduled scans can keep tabs on your computer’s security even when you’re not there. When it comes to privacy threats, MacScan 3 can automatically remove blacklisted tracking cookies or clean files left behind by popular web browsers, saving disk space and erasing private data.

  • Protection against Malware Threats: Avoid getting hit with malware. MacScan 3 offers four unique ways to scan for malware, including a new Smart Scan feature that targets locations where malware is known to hide, saving time and computer resources.
  • Internet Clutter Cleanup: Remove unnecessary files left behind by web browsers to free up valuable hard drive space and eliminate private data. Expanded cleaning options give you complete control and customization when it comes to your privacy protection.
  • Scheduled Scans and Automated Cleaning: MacScan 3 has a built-in scan scheduler that gives you complete control to choose when a scan should automatically run, and allows you to configure different scans to run at different times. If you’re looking for a quick solution to tracking cookies, MacScan 3 has an automatic cookie cleaning feature that will target and remove blacklisted tracking cookies when you are done surfing the net, leaving the rest of your cookies in place — no user interaction required!
  • Malware Definition Updates: MacScan 3 automatically checks for malware definition updates before each scan, so you can easily stay up-to-date with protection against the latest Mac malware threats targeting OS X.
  • Expanded Tracking Cookie Cleaning Options: MacScan 3 comes loaded with detection capabilities for a huge number of known tracking cookies (over 25,000 and counting!), with a database that is updated on a regular basis. If there is are specific cookies that you want to keep, or ones that you always want to remove, you can now specify a custom whitelist and blacklist for cookies on your system.


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