MediaHuman YouTube Downloader

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader (TNT)

应用大小:27 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.8 或更高

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader 简介:

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader for Mac是一款简单易用的YouTube视频下载和格式转换工具,可以帮助您以时间有效的方式处理任务:可以同时处理多个视频,只能提取音频,并可将曲目发送到iTunes资料库ExpanDrive。非常容易使用,直观,以及跨平台的应用程序,使您可以从多个视VideoDuke频托管网站下载视频到您的Mac硬盘。



即使YouTube Downloader应用程序本质上是为了处理YouTube链接而开发的,但您也可以使用其功能来传输其他媒体共享平台上托管的内容,例如Vimeo,SoundCloud,DailyMotion等。

为了您的方便,YouTube Downloader会监控您的剪贴板,一旦它检测到合适的URL,就可以选择将任务添加到下载队列中。


查看完每个任务的配置后,只需启动下载程序,YouTube Downloader将让您监视其主窗口中的进度。此时,不需要进一步的用户交互。


为了优化您的工作流程,YouTube Downloader使您可以加载播放列表和频道以下载,并可以监视他们的新内容。这意味着,如果互联网连接可用,应用程序可以自动下载新发布的视频。







MediaHuman YouTube Downloader A very easy to use, intuitive, as well as cross-platform application that allows you to download videos from multiple video hosting websites to your Mac’s hard drive

Downloading content from the YouTube video sharing platform is necessary if you need to have offline access, or if you have a poor internet connection that cannot handle the streaming.

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a straightforward OS X utility that can help you handle the task in a time efficient manner: can work with multiple videos at the same time, is able to extract only the audio, and can send the tracks to your iTunes library.

Download tool that works with multiple video sharing platforms

Even though the YouTube Downloader app has been essentially developed to handle the YouTube links, you can also employ its capabilities to transfer content hosted on other media sharing platforms, such as Vimeo, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, and so on.

For your convenience, YouTube Downloader will monitor your clipboard and, as soon as it detects a suitable URL, offers you the option to add the task to the download queue.

Here you get to specify if you want to download the video and select the video quality and the output format or opt to extract only the audio.

After reviewing the configuration for each task, just start the download procedure, and YouTube Downloader will let you monitor the progress in its main window. At this point, no further user interaction is needed.

Transfer to your Mac entire playlists and get full control over the output quality

To optimize your workflow, YouTube Downloader enables you to load both playlists and channels to be downloaded and can monitor them for new content. This means that, if an internet connection is available, the app can automatically download the newly posted videos.

At the same time, the utility can also send the downloaded content to your iTunes library, and even detect metadata information, such as the artist name or the video or track title. Note that you can choose to use an output format compatible with certain devices to eliminate the need to process the files further.

Make online content available offline without wasting too much time

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader brings to the table a streamlined solution for transferring media content hosted on various online platforms to your own computer.

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader app can handle entire playlists or channels, can make the output compatible with different devices, and can extract only the audio content from a video.



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