ON1 Photo RAW

ON1 Photo RAW 2020 (TNT)

应用大小:1.76 GB
系统要求:macOS 10.12 或更高

ON1 Photo RAW 简介:

ON1 Photo RAW for Mac是一款专业快速强大的图片编辑工具,闪电般快速的原始处理器,照片编辑器和插件集合,所有应用摄影师都一直在要求。与目前需要目录的原始图片编辑器类别不同,应用程序之间弹跳以进行编辑以及订阅生态系统不PhotoBulk同,ON1 Photo RAW采用了全新的现代原始处理引擎,针Perfectly Clear Complete对今天的传Phase One Capture One感器和图形芯片进行ON1 Resize了调整。结合我们当前的一系列工具,下一代ON1 Photo 10将Perfectly Clear Complete作为独立应用程序,Adobe Photoshop和Lightroom插件或其他编辑应用程序的主机应用程序继续工作。

Photo RAW是Lightroom和Photoshop的必备插件。它的核心在于Develop和Effects,它包含了创建任何你想要的外观时可能需要的一切。数以百计的过滤器和预设可堆叠,可以创造无限的创意。当你可以用一个插件完成时,你不需要10个不同的插件。它是用于堆叠和创建自己的签名外观的最佳滤镜集合之一,以及用于选择性应用效果,局部调整,可调节渐变,调整画笔,遮罩和修饰的完美工具。

  • 可调渐变
  • 调整画笔
  • 古董
  • 黑与白
  • 漂白旁路
  • 模糊
  • 边框
  • 颜色增强器
  • 跨进程
  • 动态对比度
  • 辉光
  • 垃圾
  • HDR外观
  • 镜头模糊
  • 镜头光晕
  • 降噪
  • 照片过滤器
  • 肖像增强器
  • 磨刀
  • 分音
  • 阳光
  • 纹理化
  • 音调增强
  • 小插曲
  • 复古



ON1 Photo RAW (was ON1 Photo) is the lightning fast raw processor, photo editor, and plug-in collection all in one app photographers have been asking for. Unlike the current class of raw-based photo editors requiring catalogs, bouncing between apps for editing, and a subscription ecosystem, ON1 Photo RAW features a new, modern raw processing engine, tuned for today’s sensors and graphics chips. Combined with our current set of tools, the next generation of ON1 Photo 10, will continue to work where you want, as a standalone app, a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, or a host app for other editing apps.

Photo RAW is a must have plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop. At the heart lies Develop and Effects which include everything you could possibly need for creating any look you want. The hundreds of filters and presets are stackable, allowing for endless creativity. You don’t need 10 different plug-ins when you can do it all with one. It’s one of the best collections of filters for stacking and creating your own signature looks along with the perfect tools for selectively applying effects, local adjustments, adjustable gradients, adjustment brushes, masking, and retouching.

  • Adjustable Gradient
  • Adjustment Brush
  • Antique
  • Black and White
  • Bleach Bypass
  • Blur
  • Borders
  • Color Enhancer
  • Cross Process
  • Dynamic Contrast
  • Glow
  • Grunge
  • HDR Look
  • Lens Blur
  • Lens Flare
  • Noise Reduction
  • Photo Filter
  • Portrait Enhancer
  • Sharpening
  • Split Tone
  • Sunshine
  • Texturizer
  • Tone Enhancer
  • Vignette
  • Vintage


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