ON1 Resize

ON1 Resize 2019.7 (TNT)

应用大小:698.7 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.9 或更高

ON1 Resize 简介:

ON1 Resize for Mac是一个简单,直观和强大的图像大小调整工具,使您可以轻松地准备您最喜爱的照片进行打印,它提供了一组旨在帮助您准备好打印图片的工具。



从ON1 Resize的主窗口,您可以轻松浏览您的照片集并预览图像。更重要的是,可以帮助您浏览存储在Dropbox,Google Driver,OneDrive或iCloud Photo Stream中的图片。







ON1 Resize提供的工作区带有三种不同的背景颜色,可以快速轻松地访问所有特色工具和功能。

总体而言,ON1 Resize附带了一组正确的功能和工具,您可以一次调整任意数量的照片,具有精确的功率和算法实力,可以帮助您扩大尺寸,同时确保少量照片图像质量没有任何损失。

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A simple, intuitive and powerful image processing application that makes it easy for you to prepare your favorite photos for printing

ON1 Resize (formerly known as Perfect Resize Standard) is a straightforward image resizing application that provides a set of tools designed to help you get your pictures ready for print.

Resize your pictures and enjoy the high quality prints

ON1 Resize uses the Genuine Fractals technology in order to provide high quality image enlargements without the loss of details or sharpness in your pictures.

From ON1 Resize’s main window, you can go through your picture collection and preview your images with ease.  What is more, ON1 Resize helps you browse pictures stored in Dropbox, Google Driver, OneDrive or iCloud Photo Stream.

Work with the original or process a copy for non-destructive adjustments

When you decide to edit a picture, you can choose to edit a copy of image or work directly with the original file. On top of that, you can choose the copy options and work with JPEG, TIFF or layered files, select the desired color profile and bit depth.

While in the Resize mode, you can view a list of all available resize presets organized into different groups in the left panel. Each group provides access to a set of presets that you can use and customize based on your needs.

Use the predefined resize profiles or create your own presets with ease

ON1 Resize also offers you the necessary tools to zoom in and crop the image and perform various adjustments and tweaks. Consequently, you can change the pixel dimensions, document size and resolution, as well as texture.

Moreover, ON1 Resize helps you adjust the sharpness of the picture and protect the highlights or shadows. You also have the option to adjust the amount of film grain and analyze the histogram generated for the loaded image.

The workspace provided by ON1 Resize comes with three different background colors and offers quick and easy access to all featured tools and features.

On the whole, ON1 Resize comes with just the right set of features and tools you would need to resize any number of photos at a time, with the exact amount of power and algorithmic prowess to help you enlarge them while making sure that there is little to no loss in image quality.



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