Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic 6.0.3954 (TNT)

应用大小:49 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.9 或更高

Photo Mechanic 简介:

Photo Mechanic for Mac是一款强大的图像查看工具,其中包括旨在提高浏览速度和改善工作流程的工具。如果您需要处理非常大的图像库,或者想要编辑与文件关联的IPTC或EXIF元数据,则iPhoto,Apple审查的图像浏PhotoSweeper X览应用程序并不是最佳选择。照片机械师是一个用户Lyn友好的图像浏览器,可以帮助你处理这些细节,等等。


Photo Mechanic应用专注于速度,其最终目标是帮助您高效地管理照片集。由于该应用程序包含批处理功能,因此您将可以处理一组图像,从而缩短处理时间。

由于其整洁的用户界面,使用Photo Mechanic非常直观:在左侧,您可以查看导航器面板,该面板可以访问驱动器上的各个位置,而在右侧则可以预览每个图像中包含的图像的缩略图夹。


此外,Photo Mechanic的顶级工具栏允许您调整缩略图大小,包含一个搜索栏,使您能够按照不同标准对图像进行排序,并允许您将所选文件上载到服务器或将其刻录到CD上。另一方面,底部工具栏可让您对文件进行评分,或为其分配标签颜色。

通过为每张图片生成的Photo Mechanic Info面板,您可以看到并编辑IPTC和EXIF元数据内容。因此,您可以添加小说明,标题,关键字,有关图片版权,位置信息等的详细信息。


总体而言,Photo Mechanic在浏览大型照片集时以及批量旋转,裁剪,调整大小和重命名大量图像时,被证明是非常有用的。

此外,Photo Mechanic还可以帮助您轻松地对照片进行分类,并且只保留图像库中看起来最漂亮的照片,并且可以非常轻松地管理照片的元数据。



Powerful image viewing application for Mac OS X that includes tools designed to increase the browsing speed and improve your workflow.

iPhoto, the Apple vetted image browsing application is not the best choice if you need to deal with very large image libraries or if you want to edit the IPTC or EXIF metadata associated to a file. Photo Mechanic is an user friendly image viewer that can help you deal with these details, and more.

Browse your entire disk for images and quickly preview thumbnails for each file

The Photo Mechanic app is focused on speed and its ultimate goal is to help you efficiently manage your photos collection. Since the app includes batch processing capabilities, you will be able to work with groups of images, hence reducing the processing time.

Due to its neatly organized user interface, working with Photo Mechanic is extremely intuitive: on the left side you can view the Navigator panel that provides access to various locations on your drive, while on the right you can preview thumbnails for the images included in each folder.

Preview and edit the metadata associated to your images

Moreover, Photo Mechanic’s top toolbar allows you to adjust the thumbnail size, includes a search bar, enables you to sort the images by different criteria, and allows you to upload the selected files to a server or to burn them on a CD. On the other hand, the bottom toolbar allows you to rate the files, or assign them a label color.

Via the Photo Mechanic Info panel that is generated for each image, you have the opportunity to both visualize and edit the IPTC and EXIF metadata content. As a result, you can add a small description, a headline, keywords, details about the image copyright, location information, and much more.

Powerful image browser that includes efficient library management tools and batch processing capabilities

On the whole, Photo Mechanic proved to be extremely useful during our tests while browsing a large photo collection, and while batch rotating, cropping, resizing, and renaming large sets of images.

In addition, Photo Mechanic can also help you sort your photos with ease and only keeping the best looking ones in your image library, as well as manage the pictures’ metadata very easily.



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