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Pixel Film Studios ProMono (CR)

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Pixel Film Studios ProMono 简介:

Pixel Film Studios ProMono for Mac是一款褪色的电影效果插件。通过Pixel Film Studios的ProMono实现你一直想要的那种褪色的电影效果。这100个单色和洗出的外RevisionFX ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro观可以帮助你创造你的电影的风格主题和色调。ProMono专业设计用于Final Cut Pro X内部。

用于Final Cut Pro X的ProMono


70个ProMono成绩为FINAL CUT PRO X

凭借70多种ProMono色彩等级可供选择,编辑可以为任何故事设定情绪,同时创造出专业的电影外观。只需浏览ProMono库,然后拖放最适合您的素材的那个。使用Final Cut Pro X检查器中的简单滑块来打磨您的外观。




选择PROMONO颜色等级后,您可以通过添加PROMONO中包含的奖励编辑效果之一来完成您的电影效果。这些附加效果包括:胶片颗粒,电影放映机和边缘模糊。通过结合给定的附加效果,使您的项目达到最佳效果。 PROMONO的可能性是无限的。

专用于Final Cut Pro X.

ProMono由Pixel Film Studios的团队专门为Final Cut Pro X设计。作为FCPX特效,这些插件可以拖放到您的素材上并实时预览。 ProMono还包含内置于Final Cut Pro X Inspector中的易于使用的控件,可让您快速定制外观。

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Achieve that washed out film look that you always wanted with Pixel Film Studios ProMono. This collection of 100 monochromatic and washed out looks can help you create the stylistic theme and tone of your film. ProMono was professionally designed to work inside of Final Cut Pro X.

ProMono for Final Cut Pro X

Adding washed and monochromatic color grades to film has become a popular direction for Hollywood colorists. It is a great way to communicate information such as locations and emotions through color. For instance, a warm color can convey tranquility and peace, while a cooler color may suggest sadness or danger. With ProMono, you can tell your story through color grades.

70 ProMono Grades for FINAL CUT PRO X 

With a variety of 70 ProMono color grades to choose from, editors can set the mood for any story while also creating a professional, filmic look. Simply browse through the ProMono library and then drag and drop the one that works best with your footage. Use the simple sliders in the Final Cut Pro X inspector to polish your look.

25 Black and White Grades 

ProMono also comes with 25 black and white color grades to help you create any desaturated film look. From Classic Hollywood to Film Noir to contemporary black and white, ProMono has exactly what you are looking for!

Now Including Add-on Effects! 

After choosing your PROMONO color grade, you can complete your filmic look by adding one of the bonus editing effects included in PROMONO. These Add-on Effects include: film grain, film projector, and edge blur. Make your project the best it can be by incorporating the add-on effects given. With PROMONO the possibilities are truly endless.

Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

ProMono was professionally designed by the team at Pixel Film Studios for Final Cut Pro X. As an FCPX effect, these plugins can be dragged-and-dropped onto your footage and previewed in real time. ProMono also contains easy-to-use controls built into the Final Cut Pro X Inspector that allow you to customize your looks quickly.



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