Pixel Film Studios ProPath

Pixel Film Studios ProPath Transformation tools for FCPX (CR)

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Pixel Film Studios ProPath 简介:

Pixel Film Studios ProPath Transformation tools for FCPX for Mac允许用户以独特的动作吸引观众。用户可以通过使用编辑模式简单地调整“查看器”窗口中的MusicLab RealRick控件来设计平滑复杂的路径。然后使用相机MusicLab RealRick控件更改角度和景深,以创建独特的iZotope Nectar观看视角。使用此工具,您可以一次创建多达5个3D摄像机运动的摄像机路径,而无需在Final Cut Pro X中设置单个关键帧。

在Final Cut Pro X中使用ProPath Kinetic进行转换的工具


无需在Final Cut Pro X中设置单个关键帧,就可以在地图上跟踪点或将焦点聚焦在班级照片中的人身上.ProPath允许用户创建最多五个点的相机路径。设置点就像在每个生成器的第一帧上使用编辑模式设置每个点的位置和旋转一样简单。


在FCPX Viewer窗口中设置路径点之后,可以使用Inspector中的相机控件来创建动态3D观看体验。使用景深控件,从点到点旋转并绕线,聚焦机架。 ProPath Kinetic是在Final Cut Pro X中将停滞的镜头和图像变成有趣而引人入胜的旅程的绝佳方法。


使用ProPath Kinetic通过控制阴影将图像放置在3D环境中。然后使用Final Cut Pro X Inspector窗口中易于使用的控件自定义阴影源的方向,角度,柔和度和不透明度。使用FCPX 3D文本控件,可以将完全可编辑的3D文本转换为3d。

专为Final Cut Pro X设计

ProPath Kinetic是由Pixel Film Studios的团队创建的,旨在与Final Cut Pro X完美集成,从而增强了编辑体验。只需将ProPath预设之一拖放到时间轴上,将媒体应用于每个放置区域,然后单击几下鼠标即可快速创建完美的相机路径。

Pixel Film Studios ProPath 1 Pixel Film Studios ProPath 2 Pixel Film Studios ProPath 3


ProPath Kinetic allows users to take their audience on a journey with unique movement. Users can design smooth and complex paths by simply adjusting the controls in the Viewer Window using the edit mode. Then use the camera controls to change the angle and depth of field to create unique viewing perspectives. With this tool, You can create a camera path with up to five 3D camera movements in single shot without ever setting a single keyframe in Final Cut Pro X.

Transformation Tools with ProPath Kinetic in Final Cut Pro X

Keyframe-less Camera Animations

Track points on a map or draw focus on a person in a class photo without ever setting a single keyframe in Final Cut Pro X. ProPath allows users to create camera paths with up to five points. Setting points is as simple as setting each points position and rotation using the edit mode, located on the first frame of each generator.

3D Camera Controls

After you have set your path points in the FCPX Viewer Window you can use the camera controls in the Inspector to create kinetic 3D viewing experiences. Pivot and wind your way from point to point and rack focus using the depth of field controls. ProPath Kinetic is a great way to make stagnant shots and images into a fun & engaging journey in Final Cut Pro X.

Add Shadows, 3D Text and more in FCPX

Use ProPath Kinetic to place your image in a 3D environment by controlling the shadows. Then customize your shadow source’s direction, angle, softness and opacity with the easy-to-use controls in the Final Cut Pro X Inspector Window. Fully Editable 3D text can be converted to 3d, using the FCPX 3D text controls.

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

ProPath Kinetic was created by the team at Pixel Film Studios to integrate perfectly within Final Cut Pro X, enhancing the editing experience. Simply drag and drop one of the ProPath presets onto the timeline, apply the media to each drop zone, and quickly create the perfect camera path in the few clicks of a mouse.



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