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Pixel Film Studios - ProStrobe (CR)

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Pixel Film Studios ProStrobe 简介:

Pixel Film Studios ProStrobe for Mac是一款复古老电影画面元素频闪视觉动画插件。用Pixel Film Studios的老式毫米胶片卷轴领导效果带回前卫或复古电影的外观。 ProStrobe用户可以选择从文本,数字倒数,拖放区域和对象中进行选择,以创建他们一直想要的外观。




使用ProStrobe,用户可以选择数字倒数,对象,文本,甚至自己的图像拖放区。用户可以在Final Cut Pro X中调整电影的移动,动态模糊,旋转,速度,音阶随机性,位置,随机位置等等。有了这么多的选项和自定义功能,用户将能够创建旧的电影领导者效果点击鼠标。


使用ProStrobe用户可以改变每种效果投影的对象的混合模式和颜色,通过使用此选项,可能性是无限的。如果用户只需点击一下鼠标就可以在Final Cut Pro X中全部选择,就可以让用户每次看到不同的外观。

专为Final Cut Pro X而设计

ProStrobe专业设计,可在Final Cut Pro X中无缝工作。作为FCPX标题,ProStrobe预设可以拖放到您的素材上。通过使用易于使用的FCPX检查器中的控件,用户只需点击几下鼠标即可校准其设置。

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Bring back that edgy or vintage film look with an old millimeter film reel leader effect by Pixel Film Studios. With ProStrobe users have full customization with the option of choosing from text, number countdowns, drop zones, and objects to create the look they have always wanted. 

Film Leaders in FCPX 

ProStrobe creates a look almost forgotten by many. Users now have full customization with the option of type, numbers, shapes, or even their own images with drop zones. Users simply layer these title effects on top of their footage and with a few custom adjustments the effect does the rest. With ProStrobe footage will never look the same again all with in FCPX.

Over 30 Effect Presets 

With ProStrobe the user can choose from either number countdowns, objects, text, or even their own image with drop zones. Users can adjust the film movement, motion blur, rotation, speed, scale randomness, position, random position, and more all with in Final Cut Pro X. With so many options and customizations users will be able to create that old film leader effect with a click of a mouse.

Colorize & More

With ProStrobe users have the ability to change the blend mode and color of the object projected with each effect, by having this option the possibilities are truly endless. This gives the user the ability to have a different look every time if they choose to do so all with in Final Cut Pro X with a click of a mouse.

Designed for Final Cut Pro X 

ProStrobe was professionally designed to work seamlessly inside of Final Cut Pro X. As a FCPX title, the ProStrobe presets can be dragged and dropped onto your footage. With easy-to-use controls that can be found in the FCPX inspector, the user can calibrate their settings in just a few clicks of a mouse.



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