QuizMaker Pro

QuizMaker Pro (SN)

应用大小:17 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.7 或更高

QuizMaker Pro 简介:

QuizMaker Pro for Mac是一款简单易用的测验考试答题工具,创建和管理多个答案,匹配或简短的答案测试,并通过这个强大的检查工具的帮助,通知学生他们的成绩,打印测试副本。简而言之,QuizMaker Pro是一款专为教师MathType设计的工具,它不仅可以让他们创建复杂的测试,还可以编辑以前的测试,将不同的Type Fu测试合并为一个,通知学生他们的成绩,打印整个班级的测试副本,并按班级或测试MathType分析测试结果。


更重要的是,QuizMaker Pro还可以让您尽可能简单地包含每个问题的电影,声音和解释,并导出测试以在文字处理器中格式化。

毫无疑问,QuizMaker Pro非常适合课堂使用,但这并不是全部,因为该应用程序也可以证明自己在家中,办公室甚至是学习工具都非常有用。



因为QuizMake Pro可以很容易地被认为是一个功能齐全的应用程序,而菜单设计良好,界面的整体布局非常直观,所以寻找围绕应用程序的方法首先需要一些尝试和一些耐心。


总之,QuizMake Pro是一款用于创建,共享和管理测试的高效且全面的工具,如果您认为自己是现代教师,那么您一定会喜欢这款应用所提供的功能。

QuizMaker Pro 


Create and manage multiple answer, matching or short answer tests and also notify students of their results, print copies for the test, with the help of this powerful examination tool

QuizMaker Pro is a comprehensive and robust examination tool for macOS that makes it possible for you to create and manage multiple choice, matching, and short answer quizzes.

To put it simply, QuizMaker Pro is a tool designed especially for teachers that not only does it enable them to create complex tests, but also to edit previous tests, merge different tests to be graded as one, notify the students of their scores, print copies of the test for the whole class and analyze the test results by class or by test.

Makes it simple for you to create and manage complex multiple answer tests

What’s more, QuizMaker Pro also makes it as easy as possible for you to include movies, sounds, and explanations for each question and also to export the tests for formatting in a word processor.

There’s no doubt that QuizMaker Pro is defintely suited for classroom usage, but that’s not all, as the app can also prove itself very useful at home, or in the office, or even as a learning tool.

Powerful software solution that’s useful at school and can be just as useful at home

At home, while taking advantage of the “Practice Mode”, it can help you test your knowledge on a particular subject, while in the office it can prove a very capable employee evaluation and training software.

Because QuizMake Pro can be easily considered a full-featured application and while the menus are well designed and the overall layout of the interface is quite intuitive, finding your way around the app will require a few tries and some patience at first.

The perfect tool for modern pedagogues who want to manage tests a lot easier using a Mac

To conclude, QuizMake Pro is an efficient and comprehensive tool for creating, sharing and managing tests and chances are that if you consider yourself a modern teacher, you will surely like what this app has to offer.



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