Records 1.6.8 (TNT)

应用大小:11 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.11 或更高

Records 简介:

Records for Mac是一款强大的个人数据库和管理器应用。这是您想要收集和整理生活中所有内容的完美伴侣,从您最喜爱的电影到您的客户发票,在易用性和强大功能之间提供了一个很好的平衡。

  • 非常容易,拖放表单和数据库创建。
  • 画布编辑器可让您自定义表单的布局和设计。
  • 通过表格视图,您可以在单个视图中显示,编辑和排序数据。
  • 准备好的30多个模板可让您在几秒钟内开始使用记录。
  • 15个可完全配置的表单字段,包括图片,联系人,网址和评分。
  • 强大的对齐指南可帮助您设计视觉上吸引人的表单。
  • 使用几个预先填好的清单之一,例如国家,货币或信用卡供应商。
  • 建立自己的形式,并选择你最喜欢的眼睛颜色主题。
  • 全文搜索有助于即时查找数据。
  • 以CSV格式轻松导入,导出和备份您的数据(欢迎Bento用户使用)。
  • 与朋友,家人和同事导入,导出和分享模板。
  • 不需要以前的数据库设计或编码知识。

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Records is a powerful personal database and organizer app for your Mac.

The perfect companion for everything you want to collect and organize in life, from your favorite movies to your customer invoices, offering a great balance between easy of use and powerful features.

Highlight Features
  • Incredibly easy, drag & drop form and database creation
  • Canvas editor lets you customize the layout and design of your forms
  • Table view lets you display, edit and sort data in a single view
  • 30+ templates ready to use lets you start using Records in seconds
  • 15+ fullyconfigurable form fields, including images, contacts, URLs and ratings
  • Powerful alignment guides help you design visually appealing forms
  • Use one of several prefilled lists, such as countries, currencies, or credit card vendors
  • Build your own forms and choose your favorite eyecandy color theme
  • Full text search help to find instantly your data
  • Easily import, export and backup your data in CSV format (Bento’s users are welcome)
  • Import, export and share templates with friends, family and colleagues
  • No prior database design or coding knowledge required
Includes 15+ Customizable Rich Field Types
  • Singleline and multiline text fields with formatting
  • Number fields for Decimal, Currencies, Percent, Scientific, Spell Out and more
  • Date fields
  • Time fields
  • Date and Time fields
  • Yes / No Checkbox fields
  • Choice fields
  • Website fields
  • Email fields
  • Images fields
  • Contacts fields
  • Star Rating fields
  • Separator fields (decoration)
  • And More…
Includes 30+ Ready To Use Templates
  • Bank Accounts
  • Blood Donor Cards
  • Book Collection
  • Classes
  • Customers
  • Donations
  • Equipment
  • Events
  • Exercice Logs
  • Expenses
  • Health Cards
  • Health Insurance
  • Home Inventory
  • House Search
  • Job Search
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Meetings
  • Membership List
  • Movie Collection
  • Notes
  • Party Planner
  • Recipes
  • Software Licenses
  • Student List
  • To Do Lists
  • Vacations
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Wine Collection
  • And More…
Built exclusively for the Mac

Records uses a number of OS X features and technologies such as Cocoa, Core Data, Quartz, Grand Central Dispatch, 64-bit, Full-Screen, Calendar, Contacts and much more. The Records beautiful user interface has been fully optimized for the MacBook Pro and iMac with Retina display.



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1.6.8 - TNT 英文 2019-11-16 11 MB 点击下载
1.6.6 - TNT 英文 2019-10-06 11 MB 点击下载
1.6.2 - TNT 英文 2018-10-30 11 MB 点击下载
1.6 - TNT 英文 2018-09-24 10.6 MB 点击下载
1.5.6 - CORE 英文 2018-05-16 12.5 MB 点击下载