SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro (TNT)

应用大小:390.7 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.11 或更高

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 简介:

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro for Mac是SILKYPIX系列的一款功能强悍的raw图像处理工具。为追求“更高图像质量”和“完成照片的更多功能”而开发。在这个版本中,由RAW开发引擎的改进,“色彩表现PhotoBulk”和“渐变”在重点部分得到了显着改善,并获得了新的控制“分辨率Phase One Capture One和模糊”的“自Perfectly Clear Complete然锐利Phase One Capture One”。另外,强烈要求客户提供部分校正工具,已经成为强力支持客户图片工作的数字化开发软件。

  • RAW显影引擎从暗区到高亮显示,进一步提高了渐变效果。高亮部分的“色彩表现”和“渐变”得到了明显改善。这个成果是由RAW开发引擎的改进而得到的,通过进一步深入分析RAW数据的信息来实现,因此在开发处理级别上实现了动态范围的扩展。
  • 部分校正工具(配有圆形/逐渐校正过滤器)可以校正指定的圆形区域中的部分颜色。例如,部分如果要更改亮度和白平衡,则可以轻松指定直观区域并进行更正。您可以通过在过度曝光或曝光不足的场景中指定不同的区域,或者当光源在同一图像中发出两种或多种不同颜色时,获得以前SILKYPIX系列中不可用的校正。
  • 来自高级轮廓检测的全新锐度(自然锐利)一般来说,当锐度设置较强时,会有一个副作用,即在模糊轮廓或模糊外圈部分强调噪点。 SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7开发了全新的焦点平面和用于检测离焦部分的逻辑,因此您只能在焦点上应用较强的清晰度。
  • LTone曲线用于生动的高级表情通过使用RGB色调曲线校正色调曲线的亮度,可以用白色的色调再现色彩。这是由于在RGB处理期间连接到亮度的颜色。即使在使用SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7色调曲线中安装的“L色调曲线”更改亮度时,也可以保持色彩。“L”是指“亮度”,可以仅用L曲线调整亮度信息。因此,即使在高调结束的情况下,主体的色调和生动仍然存在。这对于欣赏诸如肖像等柔和表情的主题是一个方便的功能。
  • 图像分级兼容性在拍摄期间,某些摄影师可能会在选择OK时切换到液晶显示屏上的操作相机侧(通常为星号)。 SILKYPIX允许链接和反映在相机上设置的“评级”。另外,您还可以在SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7上编辑“评分”。



SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro is the latest version of the SILKYPIX series, and has been developed to pursue “Higher image quality” and “Much further fulfilling functions in order to finish the photo”. In this version by the improvement of RAW development engine “Color representation” and “Gradation” in highlight part have been improved significantly and “Natural sharp” which controls “Resolution and Blur” newly has been obtained. In addition, strongly requested from customer partial correction tool is equipped and it has become a digital developing software that strongly support customers’ photo work.

  • From dark area to highlight, RAW development engine improves the gradation further “Color representation” and “Gradation” in highlight part have been improved significantly. This achievement was bought by the improvement of RAW development engine and implemented by further deeply analyzing the information of RAW data, therefore it achieved the extension of the dynamic range in developing processing level.
  • Partial correction tool (Equipped with Circular / Gradual correction filter) You can correct partial color in the specified circle area. For example, partially if you want to change the brightness and white balance, you can easily specify the intuitive area and correct it. You can obtain a correction that were not available in previous SILKYPIX series by designating separate areas in scenes with much overexposure or underexposure, or when light sources give off two or more different colors in the same image.
  • Completely new sharpness from superior outline detection (Natural sharp) Generally, when sharpness is set strong, there is one side effect that the noise is emphasized in blurry outlines or outoffocus part of the blur. A completely new focus plane and logic for detecting outoffocus part have been developed for SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7 so that you can apply strong sharpness only on the focus point.
  • LTone Curve for vivid highkey expressions By correcting brightness of the tone curve with the RGB Tone Curve, colors can be reproduced with a white tinge. This is due to colors connecting to brightness during RGB processing. You can maintain colors even when changing brightness with the “L Tone Curve” installed in SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7’s tone curve. “L” refers to “Luminance,” and it is possible to adjust only luminance information with the L curve. Therefore, even with highkey finishing, the subject’s tones and vividness remain. This is a convenient function for subjects who appreciate soft expressions such as in portraits.
  • Image Rating Compatibility Some of photographers may have with a rating (typically a star mark) at the selection to OK cut to the camera side of the operation on the LCD monitor during shooting. SILKYPIX allows for linking and reflecting this “Rating” set on the camera. In addition, you can also edit the “Rating” on SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7.


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