Sketch 55.2 (TNT)

应用大小:36 MB
系统要求:OS X 10.11.2 或更高

Sketch 简介:

Sketch for Mac是一款轻量强大易用的矢量图制作工具。通常包含矢量绘图功能的复杂图形处理套件会占用大量系统资源,而在小型项目上工作时可能会过于复杂。旨在提供这些功能在一个干净,有组织,但时尚的用户界面。该应用程序包括矢量绘图Affinity Designer工具,能够使用多个图层,允许您Affinity Designer定义自己的符号等等。


寻找围绕着Sketch的方法是非常直观的,但开发人员也提供了一个广泛的在线文档:在这里,您可以学习如何使用图层,如何添加和编辑形状,如何插入文本对象,如何导出特定图层等更多。Goldie App


为了您的方便,Sketch还为各种类型的项目(iOS App Icon,iOS UI Design,Mac App Icon或Web Design)和模型(Welcome to Sketch)提供了一组模板。






An easy to use graphic editing application for macOS that makes it easy for you to work with multiple layers, vector drawings, and more

Complex graphic processing suites that usually include vector drawing capabilities employ a large chunk of your system’s resources, and might prove to be over complicated when working on small projects.

Effortless to install graphic processor featuring vector tools and multiple layers

Sketch is a lightweight macOS application designed to provide these functionalities in a clean, organized, yet stylish user interface. The app includes vector drawing tools, is able to work with multiple layers, allows you to define your own symbols, and much more.

Finding your way around Sketch is fairly intuitive, but the developers also provide an extensive online documentation: here you can learn how to work with layers, how to add and edit shapes, how to insert text objects, how to export specific layers, and much more.

Even without the documentation, due to the intuitive user interface, you will start working on your assignments in no time.

Packs basic vector drawing tools, but also includes powerful styling functions

For your convenience, Sketch also includes a set of templates for various types of projects (iOS App Icon, iOS UI Design, Mac App Icon, or Web Design) and a model (Welcome to Sketch).

The Sketch main window is separated in various sections: the center is reserved for the canvas, while the left panel displays the list of layers, and the right panel offers all the attributes and customization options for the currently selected object. At the same time, the top toolbar provides buttons for most frequently used tools.

Versatile graphic editor that enables you to work with multiple layers and vector objects without having to deal with complex workflows

Sketch is able to work with shadows, gradients, blending and blurring tools, allows you to create complex shapes by grouping multiple objects, comes with a powerful text rendering engine, and much more.

On the whole, Sketch provides a variety of efficient tools that enable you to start working on the graphic details for a wide range of project types, in no time. The low resources usage and the intuitive, streamlined workflow recommend it as a trusty companion for your designing endeavors.



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