Trim Enabler Pro

Trim Enabler Pro 4.2 (TNT)

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系统要求:OS X 10.9 或更高

Trim Enabler Pro 简介:

Trim Enabler Pro for Mac是一款固态硬盘开启TRIM支持的工具,为您提供在Mac上为第三方销售状态驱动器启用TRIM技术的可能性。TRIM命令用于向固态驱动器(SSD)指定哪些数据块可以安全地擦除,因为它们不再被SoftRAID使用。如果您在Mac计算机上使用SSD,则TRIM Enabler Pro可以启用此命令并监视磁盘的性能。


默认情况下,macOS上的TRIM命令仅适用于Apple在不同Mac机型中包含的SSD。但是,TRIM Enabler Pro应用程序允许您为任何SSD启用该功能,而不考虑制造商。

使用TRIM Enabler Pro非常简单:只需启动实用程序并在应用程序的主窗口中启用TRIM功能即可。要进行更改,您需要重新启动Mac。如果遇到任何问题,请以安全模式启动Mac并禁用该功能。


TRIM Enabler Pro应用程序还为您提供监视磁盘S.M.A.R.T状态的可能性,并通过执行基准速度来测量磁盘读取和写入速度。

此外,您可以切换突然动作传感器,防止系统在睡眠模式下保留磁盘文件中的RAM数据,或禁用Time Machine临时备份功能。这些调整旨在帮助您获得资源,但您需要记住所有这些功能仍然处于禁用状态。


如果您在Mac计算机上使用SSD并且想要启用TRIM命令以提高其性能,TRIM Enabler Pro就是一个很好的工具。

TRIM Enabler Pro应用程序能够处理内部和外部驱动器,附带各种调整,可以执行基准测试,并允许您监视S.M.A.R.T状态。



Minimalist macOS application that offers you the possibility to enable the TRIM technology for third party Sold State Drives on Macs

The TRIM command is used to specify to a Solid State Drive (SSD) which data blocks can be wiped safely because they are no longer in use. If you are using SSD with your Mac computer, TRIM Enabler Pro offers you the possibility to enable this command, and to monitor your disk’s perfomance.

Minimalist macOS utility that helps you enable TRIM for your SSD

By default, the TRIM command on macOS is available only for SSD included by Apple inside different Mac models. However, the TRIM Enabler Pro application allows you to enable the function for any SSD, regardless of the manufacturer.

Working with TRIM Enabler Pro is extremely straightforward: simply launch the utility and enable the TRIM functionality within the app’s main window. For the change to take place, you need to reboot your Mac. If you encounter any issues, boot your Mac in safe mode and disable the feature.

Seamlessly monitor your disk activity and improve your SSD’s performance

The TRIM Enabler Pro application also offers you the possibility monitor the disk S.M.A.R.T status, and to measure the disk read and write speed by performing benchmark speeds.

In addition, you can toggle the sudden motion sensor, prevent the system from preserving the RAM data in a disk file while in sleep mode, or to disable the Time Machine temporary backup function. These tweaks are designed to help you gain resources, but you need to keep in mind that all those features remain disabled.

User friendly solution for activating TRIM command for Solid State Drives on Macs

TRIM Enabler Pro is a great tool to have around if you are using SSD with your Mac computer and you want to enable the TRIM command in order to improve its performance.

The TRIM Enabler Pro app is able to handle both internal and external drives, comes with various tweaks, allows you to perform benchmark tests, and allows you to monitor the S.M.A.R.T status. 



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