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We The Revolution 简介:

We The Revolution for Mac《我们,革命》是一款独特的游戏,在法国大革命的血腥和偏执世界中设置了独特的艺术风格,往往你无法告诉朋友敌人。作为革命法庭的法官,你将不得不在这个环境中跋涉,通过Plugin Boutique Scaler判决,Boris Continuum Complete for Final Cut Pro玩危险的政治游戏,并竭尽所能,不要被作为革命的敌人。在一天结束时,您还将与您的家人面对您的决定,而且他们经常会以不同的方式看待您的决定。

We的情节。革命将让你Springy FX处于道德模糊的情况,其中没有明显的解决方案,你做出的决定Boris Continuum Complete for Final Cut Pro从来都不是明确的。对人类生死的权力是一种沉重的负担,责任和力量,可以影响革命的命运。每次在法庭上传递句子时,请记住这一点,同时为你的经纪人分配任务,发表演讲,并在幕后编织政治Springy FX阴谋。主要针对那些喜欢解决道德困境,做出复杂的个人选择,让自己沉浸在复杂的政治阴谋世界中的玩家。

  • 塑造历史,决定谁将活着,谁将死去。
  • 从亚历山大·杜马斯和约瑟夫·康拉德的经典小说中体验法国大革命的压抑氛围。
  • 主持十几个独特且道德暧昧的法庭案件。
  • 与您的家人面对您的判断 – 您的亲人可能经常对您的决定不满意。
  • 运行您自己的法庭 – 询问证人,分析线索和证据,阅读报告和传递句子。
  • 让不同竞争对手的朋友和敌人争夺权力。让他们成为你的同事或让他们消失!
  • 融合了各种类型,融合了箱体构造与阴谋制作和回合制战术。
  • 发现不同寻常的视觉风格,将多边形的简洁与革命时代的新古典艺术融为一体。 我们。革命是一个象征性的故事,松散地基于大革命时期的历史事件。在革命性的动荡时期体验生活!

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We. The Revolution is a unique game with a singular art style set in the blood-soaked and paranoid world of the French Revolution, where often you could not tell a friend from an enemy. As a judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal, you will have to trudge through this setting passing sentences, playing a dangerous political game, and doing everything in your power to not to be guillotined as an enemy of revolution. At the end of a day you will also confront your decisions with your family and very often they will see it differently.

The plot of We. The Revolution will put you in morally ambiguous situations in which there are no obvious solutions, and the decisions you made are never unambiguous. The power over human life and death is a heavy burden, responsibility and strength that can affect the fate of the revolution. keep that in mind each time when passing sentence in the courtroom, while assigning tasks to your agents, giving speeches, and weaving political intrigue behind the scenes. Addressed chiefly to players who enjoy to settle moral dilemmas, make complex personal choices, and immerse themselves in the world of sophisticated political intrigue.

  • Shape history and decide who will live and who will die.
  • Experience the oppressive atmosphere of the French Revolution as you know it from classic novels of Alexandre Dumas and Joseph Conrad.
  • Preside dozen of unique and morally ambiguous court cases.
  • Confront your judgments with your family – your loved ones may often disa-gree with your decisions.
  • Run your own courtroom – question witnesses, analyze clues and evidence, read reports, and pass sentences.
  • Make friends and enemies of different rival factions vying for power. Make them your associates or make them disappear!
  • Engage in a mix of genres, blending case-building with intrigue-crafting and turn-based tactics.
  • Discover the unusual visual style blending the simplicity of polygons with neoclassical art from the revolutionary era. We. The Revolution is a symbolic story, loosely based on historical events from the time of the Great Revolution. Experience life in a time of revolutionary upheavals!


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